Book Review: Hate

Book Review: Hate
Hate-Tate James


“Madison Kate Danvers was murdered tonight.” 

Those words changed my life, and not for the better. 

They were wrong, of course. I wasn’t dead. But I was set up. 

After being charged with a string of offences–and made an example of by my political minded father–I’m eventually released back into Shadow Grove with one thing on my mind.


Someone is going to pay for derailing my carefully laid out future. Someone is going to catch the full force of my hate. How very convenient that someone just moved into the bedroom down the hall from me.

Archer D’Ath and his boys messed with the wrong chick and they’re about to learn just how cold Madison Kate’s hate can run.

HATE is a full length mature college/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of four in the series.

OMG! JUST OMG! I love Tate James, little bit of a lady crush, she knows it. This book was everything. The silent reverse harem that just sneaks up on you! Madison Kate, what a mouth full of a name, you know she is trouble. After her mother dies on Halloween, the night just isn’t the same for her. Thus, MK finds herself at a MMA underground fight and all hell breaks loose when a shot fires and a girl ends up being killed. Was the bullet for MK though? She looked just like her. I feel bad for MK, there is so much mystery in this book and it’s killing me! Now we have the guys, Kody, Steele, and Archer. They all have their successful lives after the night that changed everything for MK and her reputation is ruined. AND they live with her now! HA! I would be epically pissed off as well. This book has a lot of steam, RH action, and lots of WHYS! Of course we get the cliffhanger and it was soooo good. I almost didn’t want to read this because I knew it would be. I just can’t! Loved it, read it and you will know why!

Book Review: See No Evil-The Society Book 1

Book Review: See No Evil-The Society Book 1


They thought they could get away with it, but they are sorely mistaken.

They have been judged. They have been sentenced. All that remains is their execution.

No one goes unpunished. We’ll make sure of it.

We are The Society and all who dare cross us will find their miserable end by our hand.

Don’t be fooled. This is not their story.

It’s ours.


As long as I can remember, I’ve played by the rules.

On and off the football field, I’ve done everything that has been expected of me.

Until that fatal night.

Now my life and the lives of my best friends hang in the balance, hung there by a sadistic sinister shadow forcing us to do their will.

And it’s just my damn luck that I’m the first to be put on their butcher’s block.

I must prove my worth by eradicating a certain pebble in their shoe.

The order is simple.

To save ourselves, I must ruin another—a life for a life.

Meaning Stone Bennett’s life is about to be forfeited in exchange for my own.

The poor girl never stood a chance.


He’s all American perfection.

I’m the poster child for this country’s rejects.

He’s old Asheville money and privilege.

I’m the Southie eyesore people stay clear from.

He’s caviar dreams and champagne wishes.

I’m the trailer trash his momma probably warned him about.

I doubt it can get any further away from the elitist’s social spectrum than the two of us.

So why the hell is Finn Walker, Richfield’s football god, suddenly all in my face wanting my attention?

Nothing good can come from this.

I can feel it.

*The Society is an Enemies to Lovers, New Adult College Romance.

*Each book can be read as a standalone. However all four books in this series have an entwined subplot, that will only be resolved in the final book.

*Recommended 18+ due to mature language and situations.

See No Evil by Ivy Fox: You won’t want to put this book down. Just read it straight through, forget about food, work, everything! So much mystery. We found out through little tidbits that we wouldn’t get the whole story until after book 4, so it’s a little frustrating because there is SO MUCH MYSTERY! 

Our main four guys are Lincoln, Colt, Easton and Finn, and we find out at the beginning that they have a secrete that might just tare them apart because that secrete, someone knows about. To keep their secrete hidden they must complete a task, and this time it is Finn’s turn. He must befriend Stone and then ruin her. Why? Who knows, Stone is this kick-butt chick with tatts and a bad (awesome) attitude. She doesn’t care about the money, only getting out of here. 

You know how it goes, bad guy wants in, bad girl won’t let him, bad guy falls for bad girl. Then the betrayal. SO many FEELS! Fire, steam, chemistry, just all the things! Throughout the whole book you get a feel for how far the Society can reach, and their arms are LONG! This series is just gearing up to be one of those that you will re-read and keep finding new tells throughout the whole thing! Finn and Stones story might be over for now, but what will happen next?!

Book Review: Rebellion: The Sainthood-Boys of Lowell High

Book Review: Rebellion: The Sainthood-Boys of Lowell High



Everything changed the night he betrayed me, and now, the game has entered a new level.

Galen did me a favor, reminding me the only person I can count on is myself, and I’m more determined than ever to avenge my father’s death and avoid the destiny Sinner has mapped out for me.

Saint is used to calling the shots, but there are new rules, my rules, and if he wants me in his life, and in his bed, he’ll toe the line. They all will, because I can’t pull this off alone, and they owe me.

Sinner thinks he’s in control, but forcing me into initiation plays right into my hands. War has come to Lowell as rival gangs battle The Sainthood for ultimate power, and I enjoy rebelling from the inside, placing more obstacles in Sinner’s path while I exact my revenge.

But I’m not some innocent thirteen-year-old anymore—I have blood on my hands and lethal enemies on my tail.

I’m playing a dangerous game, especially where my heart is concerned, but there’s no turning back. I haven’t come this far to walk away empty-handed, and the more secrets we uncover, the more we realize how far-reaching the betrayal and corruption extend, and there’s no choice anymore.

The Sainthood must be taken down, and we’re the only ones who can do it.

This is book two of three and it’s not a standalone read. Due to dark themes and content, this #whychoose romance is only recommended to readers aged eighteen and older.

Rebellion starts right up like it was the next page from Resurrection. Harlow is going to have to get herself out of this pickle if she wants to survive. The guys are freaking out and they know they have work to do because of what Galen did. I for sure wouldn’t want to open my heart again, I would think the same way she is, not wanting to trust and felt betrayed by her new lovers. Her broken heart needs to harden! And it does, but for how long? When you have these sexy as sin guys, Saint, Galen, Caz, and Theo, and a side of Diesel to rile the guys up, it’s going to be good! Harlow is now off to initiation and we get to see her in action a bit and how her training with Diesel has made her a killing machine. She proves that she is better than even the guys and things will be going her way now. This book has a lot of drama and action for you to read through. The guys are starting to be okay with actually sharing Harlow, but it’s not like they have a choice, they can’t go against her or she will just leave them. HA, like she actually would. Her and Caz, so sexy. She just puts Saint in his place. And oh the sexy scenes! We even get a few scenes from Theo! I love Theo the most. Heartbreaking end and cliffhanger. I was so sad!! Get Book 3, Reign, soon here!

Author Spotlight: Serenity Rayne

Author Spotlight: Serenity Rayne

Serenity Rayne is a new, up and coming author, known mostly for her Aurora Marelup Series, that you are going to LOVE! She writes hectic, action packed, gory, reverse harems about shifters. If you like shifter books, fated mates, thrillers, then these books are for you! A little trigger waring, these books might not be for everyone. For someone who is obsessed with Halloween, being scared, loving the reality of the books, it was for me. Serenity is a down to earth Author and will answer any question you have, or just chit-chat about how much wine you’ve consumed throughout this quarantine. She is excited to hear from her fans and likes to interact with them on a daily basis. She is legit amazing and I can’t wait to see who comes next!

Onto the Interview!

Q: What got you into witting? A:To be perfectly honest with you I couldn’t find anything on the market that sparked my interest in the least bit. So I decided to write something that I was interested in. If it happened to take off then wonderful.

Q: What is your favorite book/series of yours? A: Well that’s honestly a toss-up. I have Aurora series which is shifter paranormal reverse harem that falls on the side of thriller/horror. Then I have Once Upon a Raven that is a Edgar Allan Poe inspired book that is the first of many to come from the Poe inspired series I intend to write.

Q: What got you into writing thriller reverse harem books? A: Reverse harem is fun all by itself. But I tend to like my horror movies thriller action movies things of that nature so I brought that love and passion into my stories.

Q: What is your favorite character from your books? A: I’d have to say that Alaric and Jayce are my favorites from Aurora series. And Kol is my favorite from the Raven.

Q: How did you come up with the characters from the series? A: It honestly wasn’t that difficult. Aurora is basically me with none of the human restraints upon her. I took some of my favorite qualities that I thought were embodied by a specific animal and gave them to each of the mates.

Q: What is the most difficult thing about writing? A: Honestly, It’s staying focused, and ignoring those that decide to nick pick and rip a book apart instead of enjoying it for what it is..

Q: About writing reverse harem? A: That’s actually a funny answer It’s more like when you have intimate moments with more than one mate in a scene. Keeping track of where all the limbs and appendages are and making sure that nothing is misplaced.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration to write supernatural/shifter books? A: As i said earlier I absolutely love horror movies. I grew up watching some of the old favorite black and white movies all the way up to current day.

Q: Any recommendations for someone looking to get into writing? A: Definitely find a good editor and proofreader for your novel. Do not trust and editing program to handle your document the same as a human would. A program cannot and will not ever understand how an emotion needs to be portrayed.

Q: What is your favorite writing spot? A: Usually I’m sitting on my bed. or or I’m going for a long walk and using my dictation program.

Q: What is your favorite vacation spot? A: I’m not a big fan of being around large groups of people. So anywhere that I can isolate and just enjoy myself is perfect vacation spot for me.

Q: What is your favorite food? A: I love extremely rare steak. I love sushi and sashimi. I love all sorts of Japanese and Indian cuisine. And I also enjoy cooking traditional German or Italian dishes.

Q: What is coming next from you? A:There’s actually a lot on the table currently. Just finished up book one of Hybrid Royals. Working on book five of Aurora’s series Welcome Home Little Wolf. After that I am probably going to be working on Jayce’s daughters series and my Bear Claw Ranch series that will feature two of Dimitri’s daughters and Ellis. I also have a Valkyrie series slated for 2021. There’s also a reverse harem vampire novel that I have outlined. There’s also going to be a three book series with Klaus’s daughter that will be reverse harem. There’s several other things that are in the works in the background The hybrid royal series is going to be four books when it’s completed and then there’s another four book series that is on the back burner currently.

Thank you again Serenity! Check out our Book Review of Ascend Little Wolf and the Book Tour with all the links!

Book Review: Coach Me

Book Review: Coach Me


When I met Amber Lakes, I had no idea that she’d become a shining star in my dark, miserable life.
Her smile was never supposed to warm my heart, and the sight of her tears was never supposed to make me want to hunt down the person who’d caused them.
We were never supposed to touch, or kiss, or do so many dirty things on campus that I knew could jeopardize my career…
None of it was supposed to happen because she’s the student – my athlete – and I’m her college track coach. 
I could lose everything by being with her, but I’ve fallen too damn hard, and despite how big the risks are, it’s too late to turn back now.

Coach Me by Shanora Williams is a sweet, little bit of taboo, romance. Taboo because you have the track coach who doesn’t want to catch feelings for one of his athletics. Amber Lakes is an all-star track athlete who gets a chance at college track at BU University. Even though this is a basically “white” college, she doesn’t let that hinder her and goes for it anyways. Amber is of course, bullied by her fellow competitors and you get to see how she reacts, or doesn’t. The bullies are out to get her in this book and make to ruin her chances of running before the season is even started.

Coach Torres is trying to stay away. He knows nothing can happen. He needs to stay away. DON’T catch any feelings Torres, it won’t end well for you! JK, this book has an HEA that you are going to love!

I love that this books brings up discrimination and how both Amber and Coach Torres handles it. We don’t get to see this in enough books and Shanora did such a good job. This book has the steam, the feelings, the, WHY moments. LOVE it!

Book Review: The Peer and the Puppet

Book Review: The Peer and the Puppet



Borrow the bike. Win the race. Collect the cash. It should’ve been an easy job. Ran out of town with a broken leg and a lawsuit, my mother’s latest flame swoops in like a knight in gilded armor. Blackwood Keep is a place I don’t belong, and I’m not the only one who knows. To the boy across the hall, my savior’s only son, I’m a stray looking for a bone.

He’s lord of the manor.
King of the academy.
And number one on my shit list.


I have no intentions of becoming a happy family with the social climber and her wild daughter. A bottle of Jameson and a cracked skull gets my problem shipped to reform school, but I didn’t bank on her returning.

Four’s out to get even, and she almost had the perfect plan: expose the privileged kid moonlighting as a gangbanger. She’s smart, but she’ll have to be smarter. Sending her away won’t be good enough this time. I’m going to have to tame the little troublemaker. To the girl across the hall, the one without a name, I’m nothing without my silver spoon.

She’s lady of the trailer park.
Queen of the swamps.
And my new favorite pastime.

The Peer and the Puppet is an interconnected standalone and book one of a complete series. The plot introduced continues in the following novels. Content suitable for 18+.

The Peer and the Puppet by BB Reid: This was one of the first bully romance books that I read. I remember reading it and just wanting more! This book was the start of my love for bully/step brother romance books. While the Peer, Ever, isn’t exactly Four’s stepbrother, they do end up living together. Those first few chapters were just crazy! I love that Four takes no shit and pushes back at every turn. She can ride a bike, make casual clothes look sexy, and bring back life into Ever. She loves to push his buttons by never doing what he wants and of course, that just gets him all hot for her. This book has soo many steamy scenes! This book has the twists, drama, steam, it has everything! Perfect book to start your bully romance start. I wanted to strangle Four more than once myself for always going back to Ever, but how can she not, their names combined make FOUREVER! Hour cute is that! I love that BB Reid has continued the story in more standalones with flashes of past characters and can’t wait to see how their stories turn out!

The Selection comes to Netflix

The Selection comes to Netflix

What! Wait….WHAT!! The Selection by Kiera Cass is coming to Netflix! I seriously can not wait to see what Saudi Arabia’s, Haifaa Al-Mansour, take on this YA book will be. We are so excited!

This apparently has been in the works for awhile but the bid has finally been announced recently! The Selection is a YA book about a young woman, America Singer, who has been chosen to be apart of the selection for the princes affection. I have personally binged all of these books and they were amazing. You won’t be able to put them down because of the drama, twists, turns, little bit of some steamy scenes. This being a YA the steamy scenes are PG and won’t get you all hot and bothered but the drama that happens between all the selecties will keep you wanting to read!

Currently the casting and release date are unknown, but stay-tuned! We will update as soon as we find out!

Author Spotlight: Kat Ransom

Author Spotlight: Kat Ransom
  • This week we got to speak with author Kat Ransom. Kat writes some epic fast burns about formula 1 racing. There are currently three books out on Kindle Unlimited with a fourth on its way. Her books have been described as sexy, sassy, and hot! If you ever wanted to read a fast, fast burn, check out Fast & Hard, it will get you all started!

  • Q: What got you into witting? A: I’ve always been a ‘writer’ but it’s only now that I believe it. When I was a child, I made a magazine about cats and dogs in my area and distributed it to the neighbors each month. I was first published in high school. My college professors told me I was a writer. I never believed them, never thought I was any good, never thought it was a viable career choice. I started The Fast Series as a personal project and now, in hindsight, I kick myself for letting those inner voices win!
  1. Q: What is your favorite book/series of yours? A: I’ve had fun with all of them but, right now, I’m partial to Fast & Hot. Fast & Wild drops this month and I’m proud of that one, too, but Dante’s book was just so much fun to write.
  1. Q: Why write formula 1 stories vs others? A: I’ve been an F1 fan for years, never miss a race. I’ve been to races all over the world so I love incorporating my own F1 travel experiences into the storylines. I crush on several of the real drivers and I was shocked when I could not find any books about the sport. So, I figured, why not see if there are other readers out there who are also looking for fast cars and hot guys?
  1. Q: What is your favorite character from your books? A: Gah, I love all of my heroes for different reasons. I fall in love with them and struggle with moving on to writing a new book when their story is over. Currently, my favorite characters are Brodie and Mila, who readers will meet in Fast & Wild this month. Mila is a total badass and Brodie is strong enough to let her shine.
  1. Q: How did you come up with the characters from the series? A: You know what they say–write what you know. There’s a part of me in each of my characters, their struggles, the inner workings of their minds. There’s a part of my husband in each of the heroes, too–particularly the sarcastic, funny side. He’s a great muse. I also do an obscene amount of research to delve into the minds of the characters I create. I’m sure I’m on an FBI watchlist for my internet search history.
  1. Q: What is the most difficult thing about writing? A: Getting into the right head space. Some days the words just come and I can bang out 20,000 words. Other days, I stare at my monitor and struggle to make a single sentence. I wish I could figure out the rhyme and reason for it.
  1. Q: Any recommendations for someone looking to get into writing? A: Don’t listen to your evil inner voices telling you that you are not a writer! Anyone can self-publish these days. There is no reason not to try.
  1. Q: What is your favorite writing spot? A: Fast & Wild was written almost entirely from my bed, on my laptop. There were days I did not leave the bedroom and my husband brought me snacks to sustain life because when the words come, I need to get them down. I’m not a person who can write at a coffee shop or in public, though. I need solitude and headphones to drown out everything else.
  1. Q: What is your favorite vacation spot? A: My favorite places in the world, which won’t surprise readers, are Prague, Iceland, and Dublin. When we’re all past coronavirus, my first stop will be a Dublin pub.
  1. Q: What is your favorite food? A: I am a shameless candy addict. I have zero self-control when it comes to Skittles. 
  1. Q: What is coming next from you? A: Fast & Wild drops on April 24th and I am working on a new series right now. That series will feature the Donington F1 Racing team. Tentatively, I also have a series planned after that for the naughty Irish brothers of one of the new characters.

Thank you again Kat! Check out our Fast & Hard review here!

Book Review: Dressage Dreaming

Book Review: Dressage Dreaming


Michael Stafford was on top of the world. A proud member of the British Olympic dressage team and Olympic gold medalist, his life was perfect. Then, he lost his mount, his fiancée left him for another man, and now, his brother has been arrested for manslaughter.

He believes his luck has turned when he learns that a beautiful and talented stallion is available in Germany, just in time to compete in the next World Cup competition. The horse’s name is Tempest.

Jessica Warren is an up-and-coming American dressage prodigy with a brilliant future. Orphaned at the age of 21, when her parents were tragically killed in a car accident, and the legal guardian of her younger sister, Jessica has lost her competition mount to injury and needs a new horse if she wants to compete in next year’s World Cup. 

She learns of a spectacular horse available in Germany named Tempest, but when Jessica arrives in Germany with her trainer, she discovers she will have to compete with the extremely handsome and talented Michael Stafford for the right to ride Tempest. 

Jessica has nothing but respect for Michael, but sparks fly when they’re thrown together in a competition that both must win. 

Who will win Tempest? Will Michael be able to trust another woman with his heart? Will Jessica allow herself to be loved, or will her personal demons keep them apart? 

Dressage Dreaming by Kimberly Beckett was sweet and romantic. This is book 1 of 2. I have always dreamed of having my own horse or running a ranch. Now I know that will never be the case for me. I still have a love of horses and finding a love story that involves them is fantastic.

Jessica is an American dressage looking for a horse that can take her to the next level. After losing her parents to drunk driving she is charged with taking care of her younger sister tragically injured during the crash. Michael is a former Olympic dressage trying to get his life back together. After his horse is taken away by its owners to make money off of him in breeding, his fiance leaves him. It is only after that he realizes that she was only in it for the fame and money that winning the Olympics won him.

Both end up looking at the same horse, Tempest who has an attitude to fit his name. The owner has a tough decision to make. Sell Tempest to Jessica and make a whopping 1 million dollars or sponsor Michael without making money. After having a failed pairing between Tempest and his previous rider Heir Mendelssohn only wants to do what is best for his horse. He decides that they only way for him to be sure is to have both candidates ride Tempest for 60 days to insure the best pairing. 

Jessica and Michael both try to fight their feelings. They are in competition and getting involved with each other would spell disaster. But alas the attraction between the two of them is too strong. One night after a suspicious encounter involving Tempest, Jessica and Michael let loose and both profess their feelings and consummate it up in the hay.

I really like the twists to this story. It isn’t just your average love story. There is deception and unknowns that don’t come out until the very end. If you are looking for a quick romantic read I highly recommend this book.

Book Review: Sweet Obsession

Book Review: Sweet Obsession


I saved his life.
Now he’s invaded mine.

Two years ago, a split-second decision changed everything. I risked my life for a man I didn’t even know and nearly died for it.

I’ve tried to forget him. To forget that whole night.

But he hasn’t forgotten me.
He’s been watching.

And when he crashes back into my life like a wrecking ball, accompanied by two dark shadows—men he calls his brothers—the life I’ve been trying to rebuild for myself shatters into a thousand sharp-edged pieces.

He believes our souls are bound by blood, and he’s come back to claim what’s his.

Two years ago, I saved Marcus Constantine’s life.

Now I wish I hadn’t.

This is the first book in the Ruthless Games series, a new adult reverse harem romance. It contains bully elements, sexual situations, violence, and dark subject matter. Please venture between these pages at your own discretion.

Sweet Obsession is part of a series and is NOT a standalone.

Well I always love Callie Rose and her amazinness, and this new book. Sweet Obsession, just proves that. This book is EVERYTHING! I love that our MC has a little bit of a disability that doesn’t hinder her at all. She owns it and everything that is thrown at her. There are so many twists that I just weren’t expecting but loved.

Ryland, Marcus, Theo & Ayla are some characters that you will def. need to get to know! And not everyone loves are sweet-kick-butt Ayla either. I like it when a main guy doesn’t like the MC at first and fights the whole way. This book holds a lot of secrets and a stalker mentality. But Ayla doesn’t let the nightclub incident hold her back. She learned from it and it made her a stronger person. Maybe a more standoffish person, but who doesn’t like a good MC who can literally kick your ass in a sparring match? 

Ayla has had a troubled past being bounced around the system and we get bits and pieces of what happened with her adopted family but not the whole story. We know that she lives alone and in comes the bully queen who is jealous that she was adopted over her and it looks like she will make her life hell because of it. And OH DOES she ever! So much mystery and drama!

So hot! And the scenes! I give this a 5 out of 5 on my sizzle factor!!! So Hot! But the cliffhanger, of course…drama, drama, drama! BOOO! Can’t wait! Sorry for excessive !!!!….it’s just that good 😀

Sizzle Factor: 5 out of 5