Book Review: Hate

Book Review: Hate
Hate-Tate James


“Madison Kate Danvers was murdered tonight.” 

Those words changed my life, and not for the better. 

They were wrong, of course. I wasn’t dead. But I was set up. 

After being charged with a string of offences–and made an example of by my political minded father–I’m eventually released back into Shadow Grove with one thing on my mind.


Someone is going to pay for derailing my carefully laid out future. Someone is going to catch the full force of my hate. How very convenient that someone just moved into the bedroom down the hall from me.

Archer D’Ath and his boys messed with the wrong chick and they’re about to learn just how cold Madison Kate’s hate can run.

HATE is a full length mature college/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of four in the series.

OMG! JUST OMG! I love Tate James, little bit of a lady crush, she knows it. This book was everything. The silent reverse harem that just sneaks up on you! Madison Kate, what a mouth full of a name, you know she is trouble. After her mother dies on Halloween, the night just isn’t the same for her. Thus, MK finds herself at a MMA underground fight and all hell breaks loose when a shot fires and a girl ends up being killed. Was the bullet for MK though? She looked just like her. I feel bad for MK, there is so much mystery in this book and it’s killing me! Now we have the guys, Kody, Steele, and Archer. They all have their successful lives after the night that changed everything for MK and her reputation is ruined. AND they live with her now! HA! I would be epically pissed off as well. This book has a lot of steam, RH action, and lots of WHYS! Of course we get the cliffhanger and it was soooo good. I almost didn’t want to read this because I knew it would be. I just can’t! Loved it, read it and you will know why!

Book Review: Uppercut Princess

Book Review: Uppercut Princess


Vengeance is NOT my middle name.

It’s in my blood.

It’s tattooed on my skin.

It’s with me 24/7. The thing that drives me.

It’s also what brings me to Rawley Heights. No one would willingly come here otherwise. But me? I don’t have a choice.

Here, everyone fears the Heights Crew. They’re not just some small-town gang, they’re the real deal. Crime. Sex. Murder. Angry, self-obsessed dudes with bad attitudes.

And they’re exactly who I need to get my vengeance from.

I have my work cut out for me, but don’t worry, they have no idea who they’re dealing with.

I’m counting on it.

Uppercut Princess is a dark high school enemies to lovers RH with bully themes.

This book has Fire! Kyla is our MC who is out for revenge. She has lost those closest to her and needs to devour those who took them from her. She has enrolled herself into the Heights with one goal, revenge. The only way she can do this is by getting “in” with the Heights Crew. She needs to impress Johnny, AKA Rocket, but along the way finds Oscar and Brawler….maybe Mag, still undecided about him. After proving herself Rocket falls for Kyla but doesn’t think he needs to keep his parts in his pants because, Kyla will be his in the end…so it doesn’t matter. So if you don’t like cheating, be warned. I LOVED this RH book. It was a little slow burn at the beginning but it picks up hot. The workout scenes with Brawler, woohoo! This book ends with a cliffhanger after Kyla is chosen to fight…oeeewee that ending!

Book Review: See No Evil-The Society Book 1

Book Review: See No Evil-The Society Book 1


They thought they could get away with it, but they are sorely mistaken.

They have been judged. They have been sentenced. All that remains is their execution.

No one goes unpunished. We’ll make sure of it.

We are The Society and all who dare cross us will find their miserable end by our hand.

Don’t be fooled. This is not their story.

It’s ours.


As long as I can remember, I’ve played by the rules.

On and off the football field, I’ve done everything that has been expected of me.

Until that fatal night.

Now my life and the lives of my best friends hang in the balance, hung there by a sadistic sinister shadow forcing us to do their will.

And it’s just my damn luck that I’m the first to be put on their butcher’s block.

I must prove my worth by eradicating a certain pebble in their shoe.

The order is simple.

To save ourselves, I must ruin another—a life for a life.

Meaning Stone Bennett’s life is about to be forfeited in exchange for my own.

The poor girl never stood a chance.


He’s all American perfection.

I’m the poster child for this country’s rejects.

He’s old Asheville money and privilege.

I’m the Southie eyesore people stay clear from.

He’s caviar dreams and champagne wishes.

I’m the trailer trash his momma probably warned him about.

I doubt it can get any further away from the elitist’s social spectrum than the two of us.

So why the hell is Finn Walker, Richfield’s football god, suddenly all in my face wanting my attention?

Nothing good can come from this.

I can feel it.

*The Society is an Enemies to Lovers, New Adult College Romance.

*Each book can be read as a standalone. However all four books in this series have an entwined subplot, that will only be resolved in the final book.

*Recommended 18+ due to mature language and situations.

See No Evil by Ivy Fox: You won’t want to put this book down. Just read it straight through, forget about food, work, everything! So much mystery. We found out through little tidbits that we wouldn’t get the whole story until after book 4, so it’s a little frustrating because there is SO MUCH MYSTERY! 

Our main four guys are Lincoln, Colt, Easton and Finn, and we find out at the beginning that they have a secrete that might just tare them apart because that secrete, someone knows about. To keep their secrete hidden they must complete a task, and this time it is Finn’s turn. He must befriend Stone and then ruin her. Why? Who knows, Stone is this kick-butt chick with tatts and a bad (awesome) attitude. She doesn’t care about the money, only getting out of here. 

You know how it goes, bad guy wants in, bad girl won’t let him, bad guy falls for bad girl. Then the betrayal. SO many FEELS! Fire, steam, chemistry, just all the things! Throughout the whole book you get a feel for how far the Society can reach, and their arms are LONG! This series is just gearing up to be one of those that you will re-read and keep finding new tells throughout the whole thing! Finn and Stones story might be over for now, but what will happen next?!

Book Review: Fast & Hard (The Fast Series)

Book Review: Fast & Hard (The Fast Series)
Fast & Hard:The Fast Series-Kat Ransom


They call him the Paddock Playboy–a disgraced Formula 1 World Champion.
A tattooed bad boy with a reputation, he has a penchant for supermodels and supercars.
An alpha race car driver earning more headlines in gossip magazines than trophies.

I was hired to clean up the mess he made.
I’m his PR professional. He calls me his nanny.

I have my own problems I left behind in New York.
But I found all new ones on the race track. 

He thinks his sexy, smart mouth and bad attitude will drive me to quit, send me home packing.
He thought wrong.
He messed with the wrong woman this time.

Oh, and that sultry Scottish accent?
Definitely not falling for it… 

I know what I want, and I’m here to take it.

Too bad in F1, nothing is what it seems.

Corruption runs deep in the secretive playground for billionaires and elite athletes.
The stakes are high, everything is on the line, and sparks will fly when the lights go out.

Fast & Hard is the first enemies-to-lovers, steamy romance in The Fast Series, but can be read as a standalone. A 100K novel with a HEA that’s guaranteed to get your motor running

Fast & Hard is book 1 of 3 coming from Kat Ransom that can be read as a standalone and does not end in a cliffhanger. I don’t know about you, but my cliffhanger hangover is too long and I can’t take anymore! If you like reading about racing, steamy scenes, sassy women, then this is the book for you. Our MC, Mallory aka Mal, is a new PR for the Formula 1 (F1) racer, Lennox Gibbes. I liked how the author incorporated information about racing and what it took to be a PR. For someone who is on social media almost 24/7, I could relate to Mallory….and I definitely wouldn’t mind my own F1 racer. 😀 

Mal doesn’t want to get involved though. Oh, how you know that won’t work. It’s like saying no to a baby. It makes them want that item that much more. Same things go for you Mal. Ha, trying telling all of our MC’s no and they will do the opposite. Even if she did put up a good fight against Lennox. I liked how Mal started off feisty, strong and threw the punches right back at Lennox. He was trying to get rid of her basically the whole time because he didn’t need a babysitter. 

Mal is set to report back to her boss and make sure he is in the ‘good light’ of the media. I think she does a great job, until, dun dun dun, the drama! Little Mr. Rich boy wants what Lennox has and needs to steal Mal away. Heartbreak, drama, miscommunication, you know the drill! Mal finally gives into Lennox and oh those steamy scenes. WORTH IT! But ha, can’t keep a good thing going can we Mal? 

While the heartbreak is what we like to see, Mal turns against herself it seems. She turned meek and needy, not like the strong, feisty woman she was in the beginning. She gets it back in the end, but I want to just slap her a few times in the book! Like, Hey woman! Stay strong, you didn’t do anything wrong! I feel for Mal when it comes to her family though. Trying to please parents can be tough and you just want their approval and love. 

You know this ends in a HEA because it is a standalone, although, maybe it doesn’t? Go read it, it’s a fun, steamy book that will get your engines revved up. Get it? 😉

Sizzle Factor: 4 out of 5

I would consider this a medium-fast burn.