Book Review: Poison Throne

Book Review: Poison Throne


They’re waiting for you.

Those four words should have been a warning. They should have filled Violet with dread. But she was so focused on Rafe’s disappearance, she forgot.

The resistance was supposed to be fighting for a better world. A group of freedom fighters formed during the Monarch War, pushing back against laws that would see everyone enslaved. For a while there, they gave hope.

But with power comes corruption. The Society has been quietly amassing the strength and backing to become a real threat, and not everyone wants to use that power for good.

In a world torn apart by the death of monarchs, new leaders rise. Violet dives headfirst into the viper’s nest with one singular goal: rescue the stolen prince who possesses half her heart.

With the unwavering support of Jordan at her side, Violet knows she can face whatever the resistance throws at them. Even if she was the intended target all along.

Keep your friends close.
Keep your enemies closer.
Never forget the betrayals of the past.

The end of an era is here.

The third and final of Arbon Academy! With Violet, Raf, and Jordan, the action never ends. The book starts off right where our cliffhanger from book 1 left off and it just takes it up a notch from there. The action starts and never ends! Not as much Violence from Vi this book but I think it’s because she went all soft on us and caught some feelings for those princes. You know she did, she fricken kidnapped one of the kidnappers and made him take her to Raf. Oh and then there is the surprise from her past….ugh. The triggers for this book are not so bad, I just feel bad for Vi. What really traversed into her life, it was so unexpected! Don’t want to give away too many spoilers! Just lots of action, drama, STEAM, and love. HEA for sure. Noah and Massey are are still the duo twins and I’m kinda hoping for some standalones of Noah and Massey/Zach! Those two could run the world if they really put their minds to it. This book also has a lot of heartfelt mom moments between Vi and Jax, aka, the Queen. Vi really gets to see what a mom is supposed to do. AND Vi gets to spend some quality time in the springs again. 😉 The ending will make you cry, oh poor VI! I really felt for her in the last chapter, I really did. It was very heartbreaking and sad but the three of them will have their HEA!

Author Spotlight: Skylar Kingsley

Author Spotlight: Skylar Kingsley

This week we got to speak with author Skyler Kingsley. Thank you for answering our questions! We know that authors have busy lives and we appreciate being able to ask some questions and have a little fun! Skylar is currently working on book two of the Orion Protection Series. Skylar writes humorous characters along with some very steamy scenes. Her books include action, drama, thrills and some hot marines! We love that she used a real marine for the cover photo and took the pictures herself! Check out our book review here


Q: What got you into writing? A: I’ve been writing poetry since I was in the 4th grade. However, though my dream was to write a novel, I never prioritized writing in my life. After graduating from law school I felt as if my creativity had been stifled by analytical writing. Law school was the catalyst behind my writing because it helped me understand how much I needed to express my creative side. Once I committed to writing the Orion Protection Series, I couldn’t stop. I’d go to sleep dreaming up the next chapter and wake at 5 AM to type it out before my kids woke up.

Q: How do you keep your story straight/organized? A: I type notes on the side and re-read what I wrote. I’ve tried a more detailed outline, but an informal organization works best for me.

Q: What is your favorite character from your book? A: At the moment I’m in love with Mia, the heroine in Stripped: Book 2 in the Orion Protection Series. However, Logan will always have the biggest piece of my heart. I gave him several of my husband’s attributes. I’ll let you guess which ones.

Q: What is the most difficult thing about writing? A: The most difficult aspect of writing is time management. I work a job, have three young girls, coach soccer, skate on the Okinawa Roller Derby Team and am working on my next novel. It’s difficult some days and I’m forced to be creative about my time.

Q: Any recommendations for someone looking into writing? A: Sit down and start. Write a little every day. Start with 500 words a day and work your way up to bigger daily word counts. The key is to write a little every day. Before you know it, you’ll have the first draft. Also, find yourself a supportive writing community. Cheer each other on and celebrate accomplishments together.

Q: What is your favorite writing spot? A: I love to write next to a window when it’s raining. I live in Okinawa, Japan and we get quite a bit of rain here. Truthfully, if my kids are distracted, I’ve been known to sit on the kitchen floor to avoid being seen. I type as quickly as possible until they find me. I will literally write anywhere I can.

Q: What is your favorite vacation spot? A: I love anything with mountains and lakes. I love Lake Tahoe (I’m from the Tahoe/Reno area) and I adore Colorado.

Q: What is your favorite food? A: I love breakfast burritos. I eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Q: What is your favorite book/series? A: I fell in love with the “Song of the Lioness” series by Tamora Pierce as a kid. Her books helped me realize how beautiful it is to create a world in the mind of another.

Q: What is coming next from you? A: I am currently working on Stripped: Book 2 in the Orion Protection Series. I use real Marines on my covers and do the photoshoots myself, so I’m putting that altogether for the readers. It’s a big project but it’s going to blow you away- I promise.

Book Review: Dirty Girls

Book Review: Dirty Girls


They were the boys any good girl knew to avoid.

Rich and privileged.
Gorgeous and cruel.
The poster boys for rebellion…their tongues so sharp they cut to the bone.

We worshipped them despite their dangerous games.
We laughed even as we cried.
It was all fun and games until the first dirty girl died.

Now, as the bodies pile up, I believe I can endure their wicked ways. Only time will tell if I’ll escape.

Because when wealthy boys are accustomed to getting everything they want, not even the lives of those around them are too high an asking price.

Dirty Girls by Lily White is helping with my fascination with serial killers apparently. This is a murder, mystery, romance that makes you want to shake Olive half the time! After their parents death, Nolan drops out of school to raise Olive. He’s being selfless and putting her education in front of his own dreams but then Soren comes back into the picture.

Ah Soren. The hot guy that every one wants to be and every girl wants to bang. He is the center of attention and runs the pledges. When he is released from prison that is exactly what he plans to do. But who would want to pledge and do the things these guys make them do?! Ahh young people, I don’t understand them.

Olive doesn’t want to be a part of the in-crowd. She just so happened to sleep with Soren before he went away and doesn’t want to be a part of him anymore. But Soren has other plans for little Olly. He plans to rule her every moment all while girls are being killed around them.

I wouldn’t consider this book a trigger but some of the killings are detailed and might be disturbing for some people.

When Olive decides she’s old enough to be an adult, Nolan disappears and we don’t know if he is dead or alive. Apparently he’s fine even though he won’t answer Olives desperate attempts to hear from him. If I were Olive, I would have left and just said screw it and left, no reason to stay. Olive is a little meek and just wants to be left alone, but at the same time, she wants Soren.

I felt like the ending was a little rushed but overall really enjoyed the book. Olive is pushed to her limit while thinking she is being kidnapped. We find out who the serial killer is but I wish that scene had played out more. It was just an after thought and the book wrapped up. I enjoyed the ending but was a little disappointed after all that anticipation.

Book Review: The Vixen’s Lead (Kit Davenport Series)

Book Review: The Vixen’s Lead (Kit Davenport Series)
The Vixens Lead: Kit Davenport-Tate James


I want vengeance so badly that I can almost taste it. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. So, I did what anyone in my unique position would do. I slapped on a secret identity and became an internationally renowned thief, known as The Fox. Nobody knows me. Nobody can catch me.

Or so I thought…

It turns out; I have what they want. Special abilities. And trust me, these abilities are coveted–and dangerous. Now, I don’t know who to trust or where to go. Peril lurks on every corner as I try to uncover my past and origin. Teaming up with unlikely allies may be my only chance at survival or my biggest mistake. Only time will tell.

I’m Kit Davenport and this is only the beginning.

** Warning: This book is a Reverse Harem. It also contains violence, sex, bad-language and content which some readers may find triggering. **

I love me some Kit Davenport! The Vixen’s Lead by Tate James has everything I love. Supernaturals, action, mystery, drama, violence, hot men, steamy scenes, everything! I would consider this a medium-fast burn book. This book is what brought out my love for not only supernatural books but reverse harem books as well. Who doesn’t want to read about 5 sexy men? *raises hand* I do! I do!

I wasn’t expecting this to be a supernatural book at first though. It definitively starts off as a conventional book with a mystery that hinted a little bit about superpowers. Kit and her BFF Lucifer are just trying to make it through their senior year when some new faces show up in town after Kit’s thieving goes wrong. This is also epic, Kit is a thief like Robin Hood who leaves little ‘foxes’ when she steals items. Kit and Lucifer have had a rough life from foster care and growing up not trusting anyone but themselves. There is a trigger warning for those sensitive to child abuse, dark subjects. 

I really liked that it wasn’t in just Kit’s POV, we get the men as well…and TWINS! Yay! I love twin samishes!….except only one twin because as much as I want Austin to be the brooding, sexy guy that falls for Kit, he just has a giant stick up his ass. Now his twin, Cable, is flirty, spontaneous, and goofy. We also have our sexy nerd who is super shy, Miles, Cole who is our giant MMF fighter, and River who is our Alpha male you just make you squirm. 😉

Kit and her new men are tasked with trying to discover who failed at kidnapping her and why. Not everyone is on board with their plans, or are they? *cough* Austin *cough* Kit is a feisty individual that makes you laugh and just want to be her. I mean come one, she is my booksoulmate….she LOVES CHEESE! How can I not aspire to be her? She is probably my number one MC. I would pick her harem if I could. 

Who also doesn’t like guys with tattoos? Just the amount of details makes me want to get another tattoo! I liked that this book had a lot of action it in. The steamy scenes are also some smirk worthy scenes. Don’t read them at work ladies! You’ll get caught drooling, can’t have that happen in the workplace. The amount of drama, mystery, and action will keep you wanting to read all 6 books! That’s right, there are six books and this is a complete series. You can even get the boxset so you don’t load up your library. 

Sizzle Factor: Five out of Five

Cole and Kits basement scene are my favorite!

Book Review: Carnage: The Story of Us

Book Review: Carnage: The Story of Us
The Story of Us: Carnage-Lesley Jones


A boy who dreamed about rock and roll.

A girl who dreamed about a boy.

A story about obsessive love, betrayal, loss and learning.

‘I was just eleven years old, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was staring into the eyes of the boy I was going to love forever.’

No matter how many lies are told, no matter how many people conspire to keep us apart, despite the fame and the distance, it will only ever be him.

This is NOT, your typical love story, but this is OUR story. The Story Of Us

The Story of Carnage: Books 1-5 by Lesley Jones is in a boxset and needs to be read all together. Don’t break up the books, you’ll just be upset with yourself. This book right here. This is one of those books that you compare all other ugly cries to. When getting a recommendation from a friend for a book and they say it might be sad or an ugly cry, make sure to ask, “Is it Carnage bad?” Because if it is, you will know that it’s amazing, BUT your heart will be obliterated! 

One thing you need to remember about this book is that it isn’t written in the current time era. This is written where the characters live in the United Kingdom and a different era, the 80’s I believe. There are no cell phones, iPads, Instagram, Facebook. Trying to reach out to someone was through letters and phone calls on landlines. There was no “instant” DM’s to share your feelings with. If you missed a phone call or never received a letter, that’s it, no moving forward to the boardwalk. This is also a time when snorting coke is just something people did. It wasn’t taboo or wrong. People would take bumps just to get that little high. I feel like a lot of the readers forgot about this and gave some bad reviews over it. Even if drugs were in this book, it is how the author portrayed the characters and there is nothing wrong with that, it was just a natural part of their lives. 

Now, back to the story! Georgia Ray. Ah, Georgia. Meeting your soul mate when you are so young just means you are lucky, but will probably have some ups and downs. “I love you Georgia Ray, show us your tits.” I think this is my favorite line out of the whole book, but also the saddest, YOU KNOW WHY! 

This is a story about betrayal, miscommunication, heartbreak, and second chances. The miscommunication comes when our leading rockstar betrays our leading lady. Yeah, you felt the pain in your chest for this one. Then the hits just keep coming. Always never letting the other one speak and running away instead of getting the full story. Georgia grows up without her soul mate because of the miscommunication, but therein lies the drama.


When Georgia Ray and Sean get back together finally, it isn’t without heartbreak. Georgia Ray has found love again and has to let Cam go. But to only find that her mom betrayed her by trying to protect her, again miscommunication. I’m glad that they found themselves again but then what happens with Cam? We think Georgia Ray and Cam’s story is over, but one night in the club and their attraction is blown back, but Georgia knows she can’t be with him. She will forever and always love Sean. 

You think this story is about a HEA? GUESS AGAIN, ladies! After ten blissful years, you think everything is coming out great. We have a happy, married couple who have decided to settle down and have a family. But one wintery day with some slick roads and everything goes to shit. I was so not expecting this. I literally gasped out loud when I read the ending of book 1. WHO DOES THIS! Who writes this type of heartache? I cried, you know I did. I had to stop and breathe. Read through the tears because Lesley Jones wrote something I wasn’t prepared for. We are both moms. Losing your child and husband in the same accident would make me want to never wake up also. I’m glad this boxset is out because if that was a cliffhanger, I would have had the WORST book cliffhanger and would have been pissed! I feel for those that had to wait for the next book to come along. 

AHHH! Such a good book though. I love rock star romances. They just have a different vibe than other books. The rest of the boxset was still heartbreaking, but we see the HEA as well as other stories from different characters. Out HEA isn’t without heartbreak though, but I really liked the direction the storyline went and how everything ended. It definitely wasn’t a book that I could put down. Pretty sure I stayed up way past my bedtime each night just to finish it. GO READ IT! Right Meow!

Sizzle Factor: 3 out of 5

I would consider this a slow-medium burn because the story grows with the characters.

Book Review: The Hunt (The Twisted Kingdoms Book 1)

Book Review: The Hunt (The Twisted Kingdoms Book 1)
The Hunt: Twisted Kingdom-Frost Kay


Death marked her from her very first breath.

Being sired by a Madrid is supposed to be a blessing, but for Tempest, it’s a curse that leaves her orphaned, penniless, and enslaved to a blood thirsty crown on the brink of war.

Found too unruly to become a ward of the court, she’s thrust into the care of the King’s Hounds – the assassins and warriors responsible for protecting the kingdom. Driven by rage and an oath to avenge her mother’s memory, Tempest throws herself into training.

But becoming the first ever female assassin isn’t enough. Now, she must obtain the heart of her kingdom’s most feared enemy – the jester – a deadly shapeshifter hidden in a land twisted by myth and darkness.

Revenge is never easy or cheap. Tempest is willing to sacrifice everything to see justice served. Even her own soul and freedom.

The Hunt ( The Twisted Kingdoms Book 1) by Frost Kay was amazing, action packed from the start, this is book 1 of 2 with book releasing in August.

Tempest is our staring lady in The Hunt. Fiery and bad-ass. She has a quick mouth which gets her in more trouble when it doesn’t know when to stay shut.

Tempest lost her mother at the age of 5 where she is found by other Madrid, a royal race. She is raised by men, her “uncles” in the ways of the Hounds to be an assassin for her Kingdom. To prove her worth, and fight off the advances of the creepy King, she must find and kill the illusive Jester.


Pyre, is the leading man of the Hunt and unbeknownst to Tempest just the man she is looking for. Our hunk of a man is the kinstue shiftier Jester that she has been tasked to hunt and kill.

Temp ends up being chased in the woods by Pyre’s men and becoming severely injured – she now must put her trust in a shiftier – when every instinct is telling her to run.

I really liked this book. It twists and different perspectives of both Temp and Pyre keep you on your toes. I hate the book hangover – but cannot wait for book 2 to come out.


Book Review: The Green Triangle


Opposites attract at LA’s largest soup kitchen when a businesswoman falls in love with one of her patrons.

Savannah Carrington is too busy for romance. She has a soup kitchen to operate which, thankfully, helps her avoid her socialite mother’s attempts to marry her off to some L.A. millionaire. When a patron is attacked, she runs fearlessly down a dark alley to help. Saved by a man who emerges from the shadows, she wants to thank him but he’s disappeared.

Yosef “Joe” MacArthur, a Green Beret, has gone into hiding. Admiring Savannah from afar, he’ll never admit to his growing feelings for her and will stop at nothing to keep her safe. But the White House is making it hard, tearing apart L.A. to award him the highest military honor any soldier could receive. Joe has no time for that with Savannah still in danger. Hunted by the leader of a notorious drug ring Joe is faced with an impossible choice: save a city full of innocent civilians or save Savannah.

A most unlikely paring, love shows no limits in this emotional, action-packed, heartfelt story.

The Green Triangle is the first book by Rachel Homard. It was action packed from the beginning. Savannah is a woman of L.A. wealth wanting to do more with her money than just buy shoes. Joe is a Green Beret living on the streets of L.A – homeless – or is he? Together they learn to trust each other and even fall in love.

Is there really love at first? For this book, of course there is – anything can happen.

Savannah is not your typical L.A rich snob. While she may have been brought up with wealth, she want’s to do something, to help. Her “baby” is the soup kitchen that she runs with Allen. After locking up one night she stumbles upon Allen being beaten up in an ally. Joe steps in and saves Savannah and Allen. This leads the duo down a path they weren’t expecting.

“He Slid his hands behind her thighs and lifted her onto the metal bar she’d had her hands on.”

While The Green Triangle is not the heartthrob that I have been reading recently there is still plenty of romance to get your heart racing. Joe and Savannah try to fight their attraction towards each other, but something keeps pulling them back together.

“She was chained, up-right, to a wire frame”

Savannah just can’t stay out of trouble. Trouble is attracted to her like a moth to a flame. Joe is always right behind to be her knight in shinning armor.

Through ups and downs, Joe and Savannah make a great pair. I enjoyed this first book and am excited to see what Rachel Homard comes up with next. I think cover photos really help sell a book and get people to at least look at it. If possible, my one critique would be to update the cover photo to appeal more to the community.