So we read…a lot. At the end of 2019 after writing a few reviews and working as freelances on UpWork we thought, why not start a blog about books? WHY NOT? So here we are. We will focus mainly on book reviews that we have read but will throw in other tid-bits from our lives. We hope you enjoy our blog! Let us know what you think.

See the hansom bugger there, no, not the guy, the puppy! That there is Ahri and she is the master of the house. She is the sweetest little mini Australian Shepherd ever and gives us a run for our money. And that with her is Andy, das husband. He has been so supportive of all of my wacky journeys and will try everything I make, even if it tastes bad. 

That little cutie to the right is my daughter Caroline. She is the light of our life. And the one that keeps us up at all night, seriously, how do parents ever sleep? I just want to make a good life for her, like everyone else and their families. She’s my world and I can’t wait to share every new adventure with her. 

I am currently working towards my masters in Educational Leadership and hope to finish this Spring 2020!! My capstone will be creating an eSports program for others to use, so I will probably have a few articles here and there about that also. You can find daily updates about my life over on my Instagram page. 

This is me!

Reading has always been an escape for me. You get transported to different worlds with such vivid detail that you can watch a movie with your mind.

I have read most of not all genres growing up. As an adult I stick mostly to fiction, I think it has a better escape.

My awesome husband has to ask me if I’m going to sleep some nights, while I look at the clock finding out it is 1am and I am still reading…who needs sleep when your enthralled in the middle of a story? 

I also make chain mail jewelry. I started Reins Designs last fall and have found a new passion that is fun and time consuming. You can check out my Etsy store here