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I made a goal in 2020 to read 200 books, anyone else make a book goal on goodreads? I thought this would be easy with the amount that I read….I was wrong. Now I want to believe that goodreads just wasn’t counting my read books right but at the end of 2020 I had finished a total of 60 out of that 200 book, (my goal for 2021 is still 200). With reading, in my mind, so few one would think that picking the top 10 books that was read would be easy. It’s not. One of the best things that did happen this past year was having my twin, Jac, convince me to start a book blog with her. We get the chance to share our thoughts on all these amazing books that people write, and we have met a few authors that we now call friends, the power of the internet! But not only that, it helped me be held accountable for actually writing reviews. I will honestly say I was a reader that would read the book and move onto the next, not anymore. I understand so much more how authors crave these reviews, plus I enjoy sharing what I thought. Enough about this, lets get onto my top 10 from 2020

***This is my personal top 10 from what I read in 2020***

10. Fable by Adrienne Young

I did not put this book down, I may have found myself still reading to the wee hours of the morning. Fable lives for the sea. She has been by herself on an island that is filled with peril and thieves. She has a power, one that she is rare and deadly if others found out about it. She takes her change to get off, barley making it upon West’s ship. This story has heat and action that will get your heart pumping in anticipation.

9. Flawed by Auryn Hadley & Kitty Cox

This was the first book that we did a review on our blog for! This is about Dez, a girl gamer who has…a lot of issues. She was traumatized when she was younger and as an adult is still having problems. Chance gives her a chance to change things. They build a world together that makes my gaming heart bleed. This book will make you cry but in the end is worth the heartache.

8. Call of the Blue Heron by Sara Hill

Jac and I reached out on IG and asked for books to review, we got…a lot. I don’t think she was prepared for the amount of requests we received. This is how we met Sara in her debut book, Call of the Blue Heron. I had been going through a book slump, everything seemed to be the same. This book was such a breath of fresh air, it was delightful. This is a contemporary romance about Allie, a photographer who leaves her current life behind for a job in a small town of Idaho. There are things in her past that she is looking for and finds what her future holds. (ps love the new cover)

7. Cast in Wisdom by Michelle Sagara

Kaylin holds a special place in my heart. This is a series that I have been readying for the past 13 years and have enjoyed finding more and more about her past and her future with each new book. Kaylin is Chosen, marked with the runes of the Ancients. She stumbles upon an ancient knowledge thought to be lost since the fall of Ravellon. The Acadima was once the greatest seat of learning – but it is closed and must be opened. If you have not started your epic journey with the Chronicles of Elantra I highly recommend not starting here but with the first, Cast in Shadow.

6. Hunting Fiends for the Ill-Equiped by Annette Marie

This was a hard one for me to pick. There are 2 different series to read in this timeline, The Demonized Series & The spellbound Series. I am loving both of them and even better to note that they are also complete! This one gets me the most because of what finally happens, no spoilers but if you have read this book you know what I am talking about. Robin is our, not so, fearless heroin who is looking to find who killed her parents. With the demon Zylas’s help she gets every step closer. Robin has promised to send Zylas home, but will he go when the time comes?

5. Fires of Treason by Erin O’Kane

Not being able to remember what I did yesterday can be tough sometimes. Not having any memories from before you were 8 would be even worse, not knowing who your family is and then made a slave as a child is heartbreaking. What sick person makes a child a slave…the King of course. Unbeknownst to Clarissa, she is to be executed for turning 21. Everyone at the age of 21 gets blessed by the Mother Goddess, but not the slaves, so she must die. As the sword falls she is saved by one of the High Magicians, she is Blessed. If you are looking for a new series to read pick this one up right away in 2021, it was just completed and is a fanatic series.

4. The Rook by Frost Kay

I think it was the final 2 sentences that did it for me, the twists in this story, mind blown. Tempest is a lady hound, an assassin, she killed a lion to be made the first one. She is tasked with finding and killing the Jester, she succeeds…or at least that is what she tells the creepy King. Now as her story continues she must live 2 lives, one lying to her King, hes a creep its okay, the other trying to find all about the Jester and his court along with the rebellion that he runs. While Tempest will make up her own mind on what is right and what is wrong, will she be in time?

3. Seducing Hope by Adaline Winters

Natia Waterford is special, but she doesn’t know by how much and what she means to mankind. What makes her so special, to start she can read peoples auros. This allows her to gain insight to the types of people and creatures she is dealing with. Because of this rare gift she is tested with finding out what the infamous CEO of Reinheart and Hunter, Archan. This sex on a stick may be pretty to look at but with an ego that knows no limits and the ability to make women fall to their knees at the mere sight of him. I devoured this book and was heartbroken when it ended, cliffhangers will do that. I expect great things for the fearless Natia and can not wait to find out what happens next.

2. The Butcher by J. Bree

Alright this one…what can I say about the Butcher? Read it, read it again and be happy that book 2 is already out. The only reason I picked this one from J. Bree is because the Butcher is, the Butcher. He kills his enemies with a meat cleaver and has no remorse doing it, we love him for this. I could honestly almost fill my whole top 10 with J. Bree books, but I wanted to spotlight other authors also. Okay about the book, you get to find out Illium and Odette’s origin story. So much blood and sex, it is fantastic. Dark and broody and his steadfast loyalty to his family. Your blood does not automatically make you family, your choices do.

1. House of Earth and Blood ( Crescent City) by Sarah J. Maas

I waited on this book, I didn’t read it as soon as it came out. I both hate myself and love myself for this. Sarah J. Maas once again composes an epic tale, I cried…alot, happy tears, silent tears & the lovely sobbing ones, my husband may have been a bit worried. Bryce is a half-fae half-human working as a glorified secretary at Griffin Antiquities. A party girl with her best friend Danika. Leader of the Pack of Devils and possibly even the next Prime. Both girls are living life to the fullest when one drunken night Bryce goes home to find Danika and her pack dead. And not just dead but brutally murdered. The world building of the story and the depth of the characters is what gets me the most, the emotions written so well that you feel them.

That it, I did it! I read so many fantastic books in 2020, they helped make everything else seem easier to get through. Here is to looking for a brighter 2021 and many more books to be read.

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