Author Spotlight: Adaline Winters

Ofda, we’re from Minnesota, has it been a minute. With everything going on today throughout the world you would think we would have more time for our blogging. But it doesn’t always turn out that way. Today’s author Spotlight is Adaline Winters

I first heard about Adaline when I read her debut book, Seducing Hope. If you haven’t pick this up yet, it is a must read. This book is on my top 10 for 2020 and absolutely devoured it. You can check out my review here. I am super excited to see what comes next from here. Onto the good stuff!

Q. What got you into writing? Brain surgery! I’ve wanted to write for many years, but lacked the confidence. However after some serious brain surgery (I guess all brain surgery is serious) i decided i had nothing to lose.

Q. How do you keep your story straight/organized? I outline each chapter on a spreadsheet, with specific elements highlighted, however, my characters often deviate from their story line and end up in a mess. Sometimes I just stare at the screen and say, “Well you got yourself into this mess, you can get yourself out.”

Q. What is your favorite character from your book? I love my main female character, Natia. She is sassy and sarcastic, but wears her heart on her sleeve. But I also have a soft spot for Zee, he’s protective, but also pushes boundaries.

Q. What is the most difficult thing about writing? Finding the time! I am a full time teacher, so it’s difficult to teach hormonal teenagers all day, then come home to find wayward characters have drifted off script.

Q. Any recommendations for someone looking into writing? You will often see the advice of the more you write the better you get, this is so true. Also if you are writing around a job and family like me, make the time each day to do at least 30 minutes – it will keep the plot straight so you don’t have to double back on yourself every time you come to write.

Q. What is your favorite writing spot? My desk is upstairs and overlooks the gardens of our neighbours. I enjoy writing here as it has big windows that let me look into the outside world for inspiration.

Q. What is your favorite vacation spot? I honeymooned in South Africa, that is my favorite holiday ever. But we often holiday in Scotland, which I find relaxing and peaceful.

Q. What is your favorite food? Anything chocolate related.

Q. What is your favorite book/series? Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews

Q. What is coming next from you? ‘Surrendering Hope’ is the next book in the series – I’m hoping for a January 2021 release.

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