Author Spotlight S.M. Olivier

S.M. Olivier

For todayโ€™s author spotlight we got to interview S.M. Olivier. Jess’s favorite book from her is Peytonโ€™s Path. There is so much emotion and depth to this book, it will also keep you to all hours of night with tears streaming down your face as you turn the next page. Jacq’s favorite book from SM is Sanctuary, the new post-apoplectic book that she can’t get enough of! It really makes you think about what is coming in the next few months, are you prpared? We both also LOVE the Gifted Connections series. This series is all about the supernatural and hotties! It even has time machine feels! Book 5 is on its way…oooeee, just snuggle in and see what S.M. Oliver has to say! What got you into witting? I always enjoyed writing “stories” as a child. I loved reading too. Stories would circulate in my head and I felt the need to write them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: What is your favorite book/series of yours? A: My characters become my “children.” I don’t really have a favorite. lol

Q: How do you decide what to write? A: Life and books I read inspire me a lot. I have an overactive imagination and can get lost in the stories and experiences I encounter.

Q: What is your favorite character from your books? (Or another book/series) A: Harry Potter, Katniss, the list is endless. I like characters that are faced by adversities and rise above them.

Q: How did you come up with the characters from the Gifted Connections series? A: I like putting my characters in tough situations, so Blake was created. The guys all reflect people I have liked surrounding myself with in different times in my lives. The strong, silent type, the jokester, the sensitive one, etc

Q: What is the most difficult thing about writing? About writing magic/supernatural? A: I like action and angst so the build up could be difficult to get through at times.

Q: Any recommendations for someone looking to get into writing? A: I like to take the advice of my 4th grade and 12th grade English teacher. When they encouraged us in creative writing they always told us/ me to imagine the reader is blind and you have to paint them a picture with our words.

Q: What is your favorite writing spot? A: I’m all for comfort. I have recliner with my side table loaded with my favorite beverages and music streaming from my favorite playlist.

Q: What is your favorite vacation spot? A: I love the water. My goal is to go somewhere where the water is blue and I can see the ocean life. In the meanwhile now I stick to the lakes on our boat.

Q: What is your favorite food? A: Sushi and Asian food! lol

Q: What is coming next from you? A: Will there be a third Peytonโ€™s Path? I am currently reworking Gifted 5 and writing Peytonโ€™s Path 3. I also have other books I’ve had locked up in my laptop I might set free soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks again for letting us interview you!

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