Book Review: Dressage Dreaming



Michael Stafford was on top of the world. A proud member of the British Olympic dressage team and Olympic gold medalist, his life was perfect. Then, he lost his mount, his fiancée left him for another man, and now, his brother has been arrested for manslaughter.

He believes his luck has turned when he learns that a beautiful and talented stallion is available in Germany, just in time to compete in the next World Cup competition. The horse’s name is Tempest.

Jessica Warren is an up-and-coming American dressage prodigy with a brilliant future. Orphaned at the age of 21, when her parents were tragically killed in a car accident, and the legal guardian of her younger sister, Jessica has lost her competition mount to injury and needs a new horse if she wants to compete in next year’s World Cup. 

She learns of a spectacular horse available in Germany named Tempest, but when Jessica arrives in Germany with her trainer, she discovers she will have to compete with the extremely handsome and talented Michael Stafford for the right to ride Tempest. 

Jessica has nothing but respect for Michael, but sparks fly when they’re thrown together in a competition that both must win. 

Who will win Tempest? Will Michael be able to trust another woman with his heart? Will Jessica allow herself to be loved, or will her personal demons keep them apart? 

Dressage Dreaming by Kimberly Beckett was sweet and romantic. This is book 1 of 2. I have always dreamed of having my own horse or running a ranch. Now I know that will never be the case for me. I still have a love of horses and finding a love story that involves them is fantastic.

Jessica is an American dressage looking for a horse that can take her to the next level. After losing her parents to drunk driving she is charged with taking care of her younger sister tragically injured during the crash. Michael is a former Olympic dressage trying to get his life back together. After his horse is taken away by its owners to make money off of him in breeding, his fiance leaves him. It is only after that he realizes that she was only in it for the fame and money that winning the Olympics won him.

Both end up looking at the same horse, Tempest who has an attitude to fit his name. The owner has a tough decision to make. Sell Tempest to Jessica and make a whopping 1 million dollars or sponsor Michael without making money. After having a failed pairing between Tempest and his previous rider Heir Mendelssohn only wants to do what is best for his horse. He decides that they only way for him to be sure is to have both candidates ride Tempest for 60 days to insure the best pairing. 

Jessica and Michael both try to fight their feelings. They are in competition and getting involved with each other would spell disaster. But alas the attraction between the two of them is too strong. One night after a suspicious encounter involving Tempest, Jessica and Michael let loose and both profess their feelings and consummate it up in the hay.

I really like the twists to this story. It isn’t just your average love story. There is deception and unknowns that don’t come out until the very end. If you are looking for a quick romantic read I highly recommend this book.

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