Book Review: Wild Magic


Thirteen-year-old Daine has always had a special connection with animals, but only when she’s forced to leave home does she realize it’s more than a knack—it’s magic. With this wild magic, not only can Daine speak to animals, but she can also make them obey her. Daine takes a job handling horses for the Queen’s Riders, where she meets the master mage Numair and becomes his student.

Under Numair’s guidance, Daine explores the scope of her magic. But she encounters other beings, too, who are not so gentle. These terrifying creatures, called Immortals, have been imprisoned in the Divine Realms for the past four hundred years—but now someone has broken the barrier. And it’s up to Daine and her friends to defend their world from an Immortal attack.

This is a throw back to my high school years, Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce is book 1 of 4 of The Immortals series. In the magical world of Tortall, Diane is fierce and loyal and gives a voice to the animals. She is able to do this with her wild magic, something that is rare and can be unknown.

I love Diane’s spunk and her trusty horse Cloud, who has been by her side since they were forced for their home by bandits. throughout her tale Diane learns to trust in humans again and finds friends along the way.

While this is a bit out of the norm from what I read now, it is always good to go back to books that you grew up with. The world of Tortall is beyond fanatic, I can still remember Diane calling the animals to help when she was under attack and still untrained in her magic. You can also see Tamora’s growth in her writing style, that improved with each tale.

If you are looking for a good throwback book this is a great start. Not only is it a complete series. There are multiple other series out within the same world with lots of crossovers!

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