Surviving from HOME

I (Jess) have been working from home for the past week. My daughter has also been with me. I have a greater appreciation for the teachers more now than ever.

Trying to find ways to keep her busy, while staying away from screen time is tough. Doing this while also working makes it even more of a challenge. For those of you that manage this I applaud you! Thankfully there are a lot of resources out that can help keep the little ones entertained while learning!

My animals like to keep me entertained. I have 3 cats: Ember, Nala & Simba and 1 loving dog, Kolby. Simba is the baby and newest member of our family. Kolby loves to play with him while the other 2 cats sit by watching the shenanigans.

While it is uncertain as to how long we will be like this and the adjustment period is still in the works. I am happy that I have my family here and want to make sure we stay healthy! -Jess

I (Jacq) have also been working from home. I was just told this morning that I need to cut my hours so our company can stay afloat and my husband is on the cuff on being cut as well. This morning has definetally been more stressfull for us than other times. How are we going to pay our bills? Daycare? Groceries? We decided to stock up on some frozen things about a month ago so we are thankful to have a little stockpile of food. We also just bought some ramen for yesterday and it looks like we will be eating that for lunches for awhile. What are you doing to suppblment your income?

I am also trying to finish up my Masters capstone project by creating eSports program for high schools and colleges. This is the perfect time to ramp up eSports because everyone is basically inside at a computer/iPad/device right now. For those that don’t think this virus is serious, tell that to the people who have already died because of it. If you knew someone who has died would you still feel the same way? I have a suppressed immunity and won’t be taking any chances.

UPDATE ON REVIEWS: While we are still trying to read everyday, with having kids at home and trying to work from home we are adjusting to our reviews. It’s much easier for me to make a Book Edit than write up a Book Review. I want my reviews to be genuine and thoughtful and not just the same cookie-cutter words every time. We wish you well in this time or insecurities and will get back to our regular schedule program as soon as possible.

I also am trying to work out more while at home and since I don’t have a straight access to Mt. Dew, will hopefully get a handle on my crave for Mt. Dew every day. Wish us luck! -Jacq

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