Book Review: Call of the Blue Heron


After receiving a life altering phone call, Allie Gerard leaves her life in California and heads to the small country town of Hagerman, Idaho. The only explanation she leaves for her family and friends is that she’s finally getting the chance to try her hand at photography and refusing to let them know where. As Allie explores the beauty of Idaho through her camera lens she gets to know some of the locals, including Cash and Kat Brown, a father and daughter duo with whom she begins to spend her free time. Allie finds herself seated at the Brown’s dinner table a little more often than she’d expected and begins to fall in love with more than their simple way of life. As time passes, she finds herself struggling with the burning inside her heart and the echoes of her past, knowing she must make some hard decisions that could end up hurting more than her pride.

Call of the Blue Heron by Sarah Hill was delightful. This contemporary romance is perfect for a heartfelt read. Sarah builds a story of love and beauty tied with a hint of mystery. There were times where I felt so connected with Allie, the way she would react to the world around her put tears in my eyes.

Allie is our main character. She is a strong woman who wants to get out under the thumb of her hateful parents. She has been a disappointment to them since she was born a girl. She gets an opportunity to make her dreams a reality by taking an assignment to photograph a small town in Idaho.

This was a bit off the beaten path from what I normally read. I tend to stray more towards the magical worlds. That being said this book made me so happy. Reading about the struggles that Allie had growing up and the fight to be independent all the while still having doubts on what that means. I really enjoyed seeing the connections form between Kat and her father Cash and the love that grows through all of them.

Now it is not all about love and romance there is a twist. Why did Allie really pick this town? I won’t spoil the mystery but I can say I was throughly surprised. Most times I can figure out where a story is going but I was thrown for a curve ball here!

Call of the Blue Heron was a refreshing love story with a twist and will be a great addition to anyone’s TBR list.

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