Book Review: Boys of Brayshaw High



“Girls like you aren’t exactly welcomed at a place like this, so keep your head down and look the other way.”

Those were the exact words of my social worker when she dropped me in my newest hellhole, a place for “troubled teens”.

I didn’t listen, and now I’m on their radar.

They expect me to play along in their games of hierarchy, to fall in line in the social order they’ve deemed me fit.

Too bad for them, I don’t follow rules.
Too bad for me, they’re determined to make sure I do.

Inconceivably attractive and treated like kings…these are the boys of Brayshaw High.

And I’m the girl who got in their way.

Boys of Brayshaw High by Meagan Brandy is fast paced and hot! This is the first book in the Braydshaw high series with all 3 out. This was a re-read for me, I had to wait until all 3 were out because I hate book hangovers!

High school bully romances always get the feels going. You are right along the main character with every mean and hateful thing that is done to them. You let the tears slide even though they don’t. This is how you know a book will be great. When there is so much emotion that you realize it is 3am and you have been reading for the past 5 hours.

Raven has been taken out of her “home”. Not that she ever called it that. She is fierce and does things her own way. She is thrown into the Brady house with other delinquents. She is a take no shit from no one type of girl who stands up for what is right, even if it gets her into more trouble.

The boys – Maddoc, Royce & Captain – run this high school, this town and won’t let a trailer trash girl bring them down. They are way out of their league.

Now for the romance part! I at first want to say this is a slow to medium burn, but when it gets hot…dam it is hot, so we can just say fast burn! To top it off, the good parts start out in the woods, don’t they all?

Raven and the boys end up sneaking into another kids cabin, they come close to getting caught and end up in the dark. For most people this would be fine. But Raven has a fear of the dark. The boys need to think fast to keep her under control and from blowing the whole thing. This is where it gets steamy, touching and kissing…and a bit more. Now this isn’t a reverse harem book, but you definitely get all 3 boys for the price of one.

Meagan builds a fantastic world for Raven to fight her way out, only to be pulled back in again and again by the boys. Raven only trusts herself, the boys only trust in each other, they all must learn trust in one another.

I give this a 5 on the steamy factor. While the good stuff doesn’t start right away it does make up for it by the end.


Sizzle Factor: 5 out of 5

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