Book Review: Secret Smiles (Love in Sienna Series Book 1)


A rock star with demons. A manager with a secret past. Can they overcome it all and find love?

After relentless bullying throughout her childhood, Tia Marie Daggen dropped out of high school and homeschooled herself, determined to create a better life. Now she is one of the best band managers in the music industry. She starts out on her own when the company she works for screws her over.

Her first client? Her old high school crush, Mikey Ecosta. When she lets down her guard and lets him in, things don’t go as planned. When he asks for one more chance, can Tia let go of the past and trust him with her heart?

Cocky, self-assured rocker Mikey Ecosta knows his effect on women. He flashes a sexy smile and they’re clamoring for his attention. When he meets his new manager, Tia, sparks fly, but she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length. Just when he finally convinces her to let him in, a lie rips them apart. When the truth is revealed, can he win back the one woman who can bring him to his knees, or has he lost her forever?

**TRIGGER WARNING** This book discusses suicide and attempted suicide. In-depth details are not given, but it is spoken about at length. It also talks about mental health and drug addiction. If you feel like these subjects would be hard for you to read about, please avoid.

Secret Smiles by Laura John is the first book in Love in Seinna Series. This was an amazing book. Rock star romance, sex, heart ache – it is an emotional roller-coaster on how miscommunication can turn your whole world upside down.

Tia is bullied as a kid. But she doesn’t let that stop her, she takes things into her own hands and becomes a manager for a rock star group. She is heartbroken to find out that the lead singer was lost due to suicide. In comes Mikey a face from the past soon to be her future.

Love hits you hard and fast here – Tia and Mikey both feel the pull to each other but Tia doesn’t want to mess anything up being Mikey’s manager. In the end the heart wins when they finally give into the passion. This only lasts so long – communication is key to any relationship – but if you don’t talk to each other things will spiral – fast.

One thing leads to another and Mikey breaks things off with Tia. I found this hard to read, but it is so true on how relationships in the real world work, people get hurt emotionally and let that anger make their decisions for them rather than facing it head on.

Tia finds herself in a situation – she is pregnant – but Mikey won’t talk to her and she doesn’t know why. All the while Mikey is letting his anger take him down a dark path. If only they he would talk to Tia. This leads to Mikey falling deeper and deeper into depression until he feels like it isn’t worth it anymore – and attempts to take his own life.

I loved how Laura tackled writing about suicide. Depression is a hard issue for people to talk about. It is thought of as a weakness to ask for help – when in reality there is nothing ever wrong with saying you can’t do it by yourself. That you need the support of your family and friends to get you through the darkness.

I highly recommend this book! It is a quick read filled with tons of emotion to keep you turning until the very last page. I am excited for what comes next.

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