Book Review: Infamous

Infamous-Sariah Skye


A breakup is never easy.A breakup when you’re famous? The worst. I’m Evan Michaels, and I’ve been a major recording artist for years. I have plenty of money, sell out tours, and won major awards for my music. You’d think that my life would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t you?Not so much.It’s true that money can’t buy happiness because now I’m alone and no mansion, fancy cars, designer clothes, or cash can make that better.

I only have my playboy manager, Christian, and my silent, over-protective bodyguard, Isaiah by my side. Oh, and about three-million of my closest “friends” on social media who aren’t really friends, but a gorgeous man from Michigan named Jordan Nashton clearly is.

He’s a long-time follower of mine, and his words and messages of comfort offer me hope for love, friendship, and family for the first time in a long while. When we meet sparks fly almost instantly despite the fact I make him nervous with my big mouth and big career.

And, things might be perfect if not for Christian’s secrets and all the scandals that follow me around every corner I turn. But, Jordan is a humble English teacher with simple needs, and nothing about my life is simple. How can he love me when no one else could? Maybe it’s not possible for anyone to love someone like me who’s bruised, broken, and infamous.(Trigger and author warning…please see ebook description or “Look inside” function for more information)

Infamous by Sariah Skye is a must read for those rockstar romances who also like a bit of reverse harem and M/M scenes. This book has so much in it! The drama of a female rockstar, the nerdy, sexy teacher, and the alpha manager.

I loved this book! Evan Michaels is our main lady who just got out of a bad breakup from domestic abuse and finds her self alone amongst all her friends and fans. She is sexy, fierce, and vulnerable. She has her uber sexy manager Christian to keep her bed occupied on her tour bus, but it’s not enough. She doesn’t want to just be an easy lay, she wants more. She wants All The Feels! And So, in steps our sexy, nerdy teacher, Jordan.

Jordan can relate to Evan because of his sisters death from an abusive boyfriend. He is protective and reaches out to her on social media just giving her his support. Little does he know, Evan actually responds to him and actually wants to meet him. Jordan is a shy, debt-ridden teacher who needs a side job at a coffee shop just to get by. I can sure relate to Jordan with college debt, oofftah.

Ah when these two meet it’s so cute. She just walks right into that coffee job and blows the pants off of Jordan. Evan and Jordan hit it off and the steamy scenes are worth the wait. This first book is a slow-medium burn but it gets there!

Then we have Christian who is Bi and doesn’t care who he lets in his bed. But what he really wants is to call Evan his own. Lots of missed opportunities in this book because people don’t communicate their feels. He doesn’t know how she really feels and she doesn’t know how he really feels. It doesn’t help that. Christian is just a player and super flirt. He even flirts with Jordan to rile him up and Jordan’s male co-worker, in comes the M/M.

This book was well written, lots of emotions, character development and a storyline that will keep you entertained. A lot of he’s not good enough for her and she just wants to be normal. The ending is very emotional because you just want everything to work out! The Feels! Evan and Jordan’s story ends on a cliffhanger but don’t you fret, book 2 and 3 are out! And ho boy, the steamy scenes in book 2, yass please! AHH I just loved this book!

Sizzle Factor: 5 out of 5

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