Book Review: Etched in Stone

Etched in Stone-Liv Arnold


Vanessa Lang lands her dream job at an investment firm, Stone Corp. When her kleptomaniac mother is caught shoplifting, Vanessa is forced to accept a deal with the detective—collect evidence of insider trading at her new job. Investigating Sebastian Stone comes with benefits. The drop-dead-gorgeous CEO introduces her to steamy encounters in public places, and in the midst of it all, she gathers information about his business. She soon has a difficult choice to make…save her mother or protect the man she loves.

Etched in Stone by Liv Arnold is the perfect pallet cleanser after reading a dark romance or ugly cry book. It is a short and sweet office erotic rom-com with a bit of drama to help keep you entertained. Our MC is Vanessa who just graduated and ready to enter the world of adulting. Vanessa, you should have gone to school longer! Don’t venture out into the adulting world yet! No, JK, Vanessa is a selfless character that likes to help everyone and seems to be the type that anyone can open up to. Etched in Stone is currently $0.99 on Kindle (2/11/2020) so go pick it up! 

So we have Vanessa’s mom who is a klepto queen. I love when I read about kleptos! It’s so exciting to see what they are going to steal and why. I can’t even pick up a ten-dollar bill without asking those around me if it belongs to them. We have Vanessa’s mom who is trying to get a necklace back for the one Vanessa lost while she was staring up at the “almost” naked Sebastian in the men’s changing room. Yes please, I will run into any men’s changing room if it had a man like Sebastian smirking down at me. Ahh, book crushes. Anyways, Vanessa’s mom steals the wrong item at the wrong time and Vanessa must now go undercover at her new job, that she JUST GOT, to keep her mom out of jail. 

We also get some humor in the book! I literally laughed out loud at this one. Because why not?!

“Why couldn’t she also have legs up to her ears?”

Sebastian isn’t our typical CEO. Oh no. He is the swoon-worthy guy who says and does all the right things. I kept expecting him to lash out and be like, JK, I’m actually a dick. But NOPE, this is why this book is a good pallet cleanser. We get to see an office romance where the guy is supportive, nice, and likes to have sex in public places. Oh yeah, forgot about that one. In the hallway, in the photo booth, it makes it so exhilarating! The steamy scenes are top-notch and a quick burn to help relieve that ake between your thighs. 

Like many characters, Vanessa is trying to keep the truth from everyone to help everyone in the end. But it doesn’t work. Vanessa gets sucked too deep the truth comes out. This is a short read so the character development and storyline are pushed through, but the scenes are well written so you can see a clear picture in your head. This is also why it makes it a sweet read. Something fast that can be read in one day. I did find it hard at times to figure out the timeline, what day it was or what month. All of a sudden it’s five months in the job and I wasn’t aware she had even been there a week.

A sweet, steamy, little bit of drama, HEA, and we got a short erotic rom-com book that will help you get over those book cliffhanger hangovers! Will we get to see a tale about Jenna? YES! Liv Arnolds has confirmed that a second book is in the works for Jenna and her man’s escapades from Thailand. Oh, this one will be good, I’m excited to see how Jenna and her man interact, I’m hoping for some steamy make-up/break-up scenes. 😉

Sizzle Factor: 4 out of 5

Some short, hot, public scenes we see.

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