Book Review: Carnage: The Story of Us

The Story of Us: Carnage-Lesley Jones


A boy who dreamed about rock and roll.

A girl who dreamed about a boy.

A story about obsessive love, betrayal, loss and learning.

‘I was just eleven years old, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was staring into the eyes of the boy I was going to love forever.’

No matter how many lies are told, no matter how many people conspire to keep us apart, despite the fame and the distance, it will only ever be him.

This is NOT, your typical love story, but this is OUR story. The Story Of Us

The Story of Carnage: Books 1-5 by Lesley Jones is in a boxset and needs to be read all together. Don’t break up the books, you’ll just be upset with yourself. This book right here. This is one of those books that you compare all other ugly cries to. When getting a recommendation from a friend for a book and they say it might be sad or an ugly cry, make sure to ask, “Is it Carnage bad?” Because if it is, you will know that it’s amazing, BUT your heart will be obliterated! 

One thing you need to remember about this book is that it isn’t written in the current time era. This is written where the characters live in the United Kingdom and a different era, the 80’s I believe. There are no cell phones, iPads, Instagram, Facebook. Trying to reach out to someone was through letters and phone calls on landlines. There was no “instant” DM’s to share your feelings with. If you missed a phone call or never received a letter, that’s it, no moving forward to the boardwalk. This is also a time when snorting coke is just something people did. It wasn’t taboo or wrong. People would take bumps just to get that little high. I feel like a lot of the readers forgot about this and gave some bad reviews over it. Even if drugs were in this book, it is how the author portrayed the characters and there is nothing wrong with that, it was just a natural part of their lives. 

Now, back to the story! Georgia Ray. Ah, Georgia. Meeting your soul mate when you are so young just means you are lucky, but will probably have some ups and downs. “I love you Georgia Ray, show us your tits.” I think this is my favorite line out of the whole book, but also the saddest, YOU KNOW WHY! 

This is a story about betrayal, miscommunication, heartbreak, and second chances. The miscommunication comes when our leading rockstar betrays our leading lady. Yeah, you felt the pain in your chest for this one. Then the hits just keep coming. Always never letting the other one speak and running away instead of getting the full story. Georgia grows up without her soul mate because of the miscommunication, but therein lies the drama.


When Georgia Ray and Sean get back together finally, it isn’t without heartbreak. Georgia Ray has found love again and has to let Cam go. But to only find that her mom betrayed her by trying to protect her, again miscommunication. I’m glad that they found themselves again but then what happens with Cam? We think Georgia Ray and Cam’s story is over, but one night in the club and their attraction is blown back, but Georgia knows she can’t be with him. She will forever and always love Sean. 

You think this story is about a HEA? GUESS AGAIN, ladies! After ten blissful years, you think everything is coming out great. We have a happy, married couple who have decided to settle down and have a family. But one wintery day with some slick roads and everything goes to shit. I was so not expecting this. I literally gasped out loud when I read the ending of book 1. WHO DOES THIS! Who writes this type of heartache? I cried, you know I did. I had to stop and breathe. Read through the tears because Lesley Jones wrote something I wasn’t prepared for. We are both moms. Losing your child and husband in the same accident would make me want to never wake up also. I’m glad this boxset is out because if that was a cliffhanger, I would have had the WORST book cliffhanger and would have been pissed! I feel for those that had to wait for the next book to come along. 

AHHH! Such a good book though. I love rock star romances. They just have a different vibe than other books. The rest of the boxset was still heartbreaking, but we see the HEA as well as other stories from different characters. Out HEA isn’t without heartbreak though, but I really liked the direction the storyline went and how everything ended. It definitely wasn’t a book that I could put down. Pretty sure I stayed up way past my bedtime each night just to finish it. GO READ IT! Right Meow!

Sizzle Factor: 3 out of 5

I would consider this a slow-medium burn because the story grows with the characters.

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