Book Review: Captured (Orion Protection)

Captured-Skylar Kingsley


Captured is the story of Logan, a former Marine, who is given a job by his close friend John (and former brother in arms) as a high-end bodyguard with Orion Protection Service (OPS). When John’s secret attempt to rescue a group of girls abducted by a Mexican cartel is uncovered, he sends Logan to keep the cartel from abducting his sister Cadie in retaliation. Logan’s normally stoic disposition is rattled by his intense feelings for Cadie as he struggles to keep her safe and not break the trust of her brother. Cadie has always distanced herself from her brother’s business, but when Logan takes her to the Tavern, a place where the men of OPS are treated like military royalty, she finds acceptance amongst her new family. Now she’s torn between going back to her old life and being with Logan, a man unlike any man she’s ever known, all while being hunted by a gang her brother has enraged. Cadie finds herself between action-packed and romantic scenes that get the heart racing throughout the story.

Hot mama! Captured is Skyler Kingsley debut book. It is hot, hot, hot! Not only that, it was funny. I love when an author can make you laugh out loud after reading something. Also that cover photo! Did you know Skyler used a real marine for the cover photo and took the shot herself? Can we come to the next photo-shoot!?!

“… I giggled my boobs to test whether they would actually fall out…

Logan is trying to fight his feelings and keep Cadie safe. Cadie is thinking that she is not good enough for him. It just goes around and around and around!

Cadie is a strong independent woman who gets caught up in her brothers business when her brother is just trying to do some good and save some girls. Because of this, she is hunted like prey for payback. Logan is a former Marine working for Cadie’s brother at Orion Protection Service. He is told to protect Cadie at all costs, which shouldn’t be a problem because he is basically in love with her right off the bat. These two have such intense chemistry! The character development and storyline really flowed and was so easy to read!

I definitely recommend this book! If you want a good laugh with lots of steamy scenes make sure to pick up your copy now! Book two is currently underway also!

Sizzle Factor: 5 out of 5

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