Book Review: The Green Triangle


Opposites attract at LA’s largest soup kitchen when a businesswoman falls in love with one of her patrons.

Savannah Carrington is too busy for romance. She has a soup kitchen to operate which, thankfully, helps her avoid her socialite mother’s attempts to marry her off to some L.A. millionaire. When a patron is attacked, she runs fearlessly down a dark alley to help. Saved by a man who emerges from the shadows, she wants to thank him but he’s disappeared.

Yosef “Joe” MacArthur, a Green Beret, has gone into hiding. Admiring Savannah from afar, he’ll never admit to his growing feelings for her and will stop at nothing to keep her safe. But the White House is making it hard, tearing apart L.A. to award him the highest military honor any soldier could receive. Joe has no time for that with Savannah still in danger. Hunted by the leader of a notorious drug ring Joe is faced with an impossible choice: save a city full of innocent civilians or save Savannah.

A most unlikely paring, love shows no limits in this emotional, action-packed, heartfelt story.

The Green Triangle is the first book by Rachel Homard. It was action packed from the beginning. Savannah is a woman of L.A. wealth wanting to do more with her money than just buy shoes. Joe is a Green Beret living on the streets of L.A – homeless – or is he? Together they learn to trust each other and even fall in love.

Is there really love at first? For this book, of course there is – anything can happen.

Savannah is not your typical L.A rich snob. While she may have been brought up with wealth, she want’s to do something, to help. Her “baby” is the soup kitchen that she runs with Allen. After locking up one night she stumbles upon Allen being beaten up in an ally. Joe steps in and saves Savannah and Allen. This leads the duo down a path they weren’t expecting.

“He Slid his hands behind her thighs and lifted her onto the metal bar she’d had her hands on.”

While The Green Triangle is not the heartthrob that I have been reading recently there is still plenty of romance to get your heart racing. Joe and Savannah try to fight their attraction towards each other, but something keeps pulling them back together.

“She was chained, up-right, to a wire frame”

Savannah just can’t stay out of trouble. Trouble is attracted to her like a moth to a flame. Joe is always right behind to be her knight in shinning armor.

Through ups and downs, Joe and Savannah make a great pair. I enjoyed this first book and am excited to see what Rachel Homard comes up with next. I think cover photos really help sell a book and get people to at least look at it. If possible, my one critique would be to update the cover photo to appeal more to the community.


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