Top 10 Reverse Harem Books of 2019


A lot of people think that Reverse Harems are weird and taboo. People don’t want to admit that they read romance books and certainly not reverse harems. Some say they are just “smut” books, but they don’t realize that a majority of these books have in-depth character development and storylines. Yes, there will be the books that are only 20,000 words or less that are just a super fast-burn, but that’s not what is all out there! What people need to understand is that they can create drama that keeps us readers entertained and some epic love stories. You always want the drama, and what better way to showcase drama than having four men viving for the attention of our main ladies? (I would generally use MC as the main character but I know there is a split as to what MC really means in the romance community)

My scoop of books ranges from fantasy to supernatural to regular romance to reverse harems. I will basically read anything that someone has suggested for me, has a good blurb, or has the reviews to back it up. When you find a new author that you like it is even better because you get to watch that author grow. I’ve had the chance to speak with my new favorite authors and it’s surreal how they are just real people trying to make a living. I also happen to appreciate their books, so that’s a plus.

Below is my Top Ten Reverse Harems from 2019. This list was created out of books that I have read in 2019, comments of appreciation from other book lovers, and Amazon reviews. I have Kindle Unlimited which allows me to read unlimited books each month for a small subscription fee to Amazon Kindle. Seriously, if you read more than 1 book a week, you should consider getting Kindle Unlimited, your bank account will thank you later. 

Without going into too much of each book, these are my own opinions of these books and small details that might help push you to pick one up. A full review of each book will be written later on to really go into the depth of the book. While this is my top ten list, it may not be yours, there are just too many to choose from and it was hard to narrow it down to just 10!​

*My rating is not based off what I would rate on GoodReads or Amazon. The sizzle factor is based souly on how steamy I consider the book. I personally would give each of these books 5 stars on Amazon/GoodReads.

Just Drop Out-J.Bree

10. Just Drop Out: Hannaford Prep Year One (J. Bree)

    Number 10 is going to be Just Drop Out by J. Bree. This is an academy bully-romance book that you will want to binge all three books that are currently out. This book was released sometime in 2019 and just appeared in my Kindle suggestions, and I’m so glad that it did!
    I would consider this first book a slow burn because we get more of the bully aspect from our harem. Our main lady is, Eclipse (Lips) who is a badass for real. She could cut you up into little pieces and you woudln’t know what happened until it is over. While her assissian side is kept secret because she just wants a normal life for once, she keeps getting sucked back into her duites as “The Wolf”. How cool is that, she has her own secrete persona!

    Who are the men? Then sexy, steamy men in this harem are Ash, Harley, and Blaise. While we don’t get as much action during this first book, it’s the build up that keeps us interested, right? 😉

    Slow-burn: This first book I would consider a slow burn that has a lot of character development and storyline before our sexy threesome comes into play. This is a MFMM romance with Lips as the center of attention. 

    Sizzle Factor: 2 out of 5 

*this is for the first book only. The second and third ones lead up to some steamy scenes which makes it worth reading

Void-Raven Kennedy & Coralee June

9. Void (Coralee June & Raven Kennedy)

 This book came out of nowhere it seemed like. It has your fantasy and supernatural aspects involved with our main lady. Coralee & Raven’s Void book hits number 9 for me. This book was also an academy bully romance book because our main lady needed to be put into an academy to learn how to control her powers, that no one wanted to teach her. This book has the sizzle that you want and the drama/story line that will make you not want to put it down. I personally think this book could have been broken up into two separate books. I feel like the ending was rushed and left us without that action that had been building up the entire time. 
Our main lady is Devicka who has been shunned her whole life because of her all-consuming powers that everyone is afraid of. Devicka comes off as ‘hard’ because everyone is so sacred of her and what she might do to them. 

Who are the men? We have 4 paragons who are drawn to Devicka; Render the Vampire, Hyde the Necromancer, Quade the Elemental Witch, and Gritt the Shifter.

    Medium burn-fast burn: Our four men are slow to show emotions towards Devicka but they just can’t help themselves and how drawn to her they are. This is a MMFMM where Devicka is the center of attention.   

    Sizzle Factor: 4 out of 5 

*We have some epic steamy scenes that makes you just want to keep reading and beg for another book!

Awakened and Betrayed-Ivy Asher

8. Awakened and Betrayed (The Lost Sentinel Book 2) (Ivy Asher)

Awakened and Betrayed is number 8 on our list. This is the second book of four. This book is on Kindle Unlimited. We have the magic, men, and main lady that doesn’t take shit from anyone. I love it when our main ladies don’t let others bring them down and is a fighter, literally. It’s nice to see them take action and not just be a shell and hideaway. I have nothing wrong with silent main ladies, but sometimes it gets too much and you just want to reach into the book and shake our main lady! I’m sure everyone has read those books and it’s frustrating. Okay, sorry, back to number 8. 
Our main lady is Vinna and she is the last Sentinel. She can literally pull weapons from tattoos that are around her entire body! I personally love the dual swords, but how awesome would it be to just run your hand over a tattoo and an object appears in your hand!? She has marked her Chosen and will do anything to protect them. Book two ends with a huge cliffhanger but not to worry, books three and four are currently out! 

Who are the men? Valen & Bastein (twin brothers), Sabin, Knox, Ryker, and Torrez

Medium-Fast burn: In book two we have a lot more steamy, sexy scenes. The Chosen are develing deeper into love and other feelings. I think if people could get bast the first book (slow-burn) they will enjoy the entire series and see why everyone else gives it glowing reviews.

Sizzle Factor: 5 out of 5 stars

*After the first book of only having heavy make out scenes, this second one makes it worth the wait!

When the Dead Have It Easy-BL Brunnemer

7. When the Dead Have It Easy (The Veil Diaries 7) (B.L. Brunnemer

If you haven’t picked up B. L. Brunnemer, Trying To Live With The Dead (The Veil Diaries Book 1), you need to! It is on Kindle Unlimited and will start your love not only for this author but this series. The rest of the series is not on Kindle Unlimited ($4.99), but if you have the spare money, buy this series! When the Dead Have It Easy is hitting number 7 for me is because I’m selfish and like my books to be at least a medium burn. The Veil Diaries does this right though and starts out as a YA (Young Romance). Up until now, I would consider the past 6 books slow-burns because of the lack of steamy and descriptive scenes. If you remember that these characters are in high school, and I like that BL Brunnemer didn’t make everyone instantly jump each other’s bones. (Don’t get me wrong, I like those stories also) SPOILER!! If you have not read books 1-6 keep read ahead at your own cost. Not my fault that these books are, in my opinion, an obsessive quality, but that number 7 came out in 2019. In Book 7 of the Veil Diaries, Lexi is finally getting her shot with her guys! While 5 may seem like a lot of guys to juggle, Lexi and the guys convince each other that they are going to give this whole reverse harem a shot. Our story focuses on the group going camping during their summer break. We get a few touches and kisses here and there but this book is still pretty PG with a dash of 13. While camping the story does get a little boring in the middle because there isn’t the same kind of drama and action that we are used to seeing from BL Brunnemer, BUT it still progresses the story to the point that we have all been waiting for. LEXI is getting with her guys! My personal favorite is Miles because of his swimmer’s body and nerdy boy personality, but I have to love all the guys and can’t wait to see what happens in book 8, which will be coming out in 2020!

    Who are the men? Asher, Ethan, Isaac (twin brothers, but BL has stated there will be no twin sandwhiches), Miles, and Zeke.

    Slow-Burn: I would consider this a slow to medium burn because it is just on the edge of YA (Young Romance) still. BUT BL Brunnemer has said the upcoming books will have more steamy scenes between each guy. Can’t wait! This is a MMFMMM with Lexi as the center of attention. 

    Sizzle Factor: 2 out of 5 

*While this is mostly still a YA, Lexi does give enough attention to each guy and even some heavy petting to one in particular. Can you guess which one?

Ascend Little Wolf-Serenity Rayne

6. Ascend Little Wolf (The Aurora Marelup Series) (Serenity Rayne)

This little book right here just snuck up on me and I can’t get enough of Serenity Rayne and her new series Ascend Little Wolf. If you want an action-packed supernatural story where our main lady will literally chop your head off for looking at you wrong, then this is the book for you! I gushed to Serenity one night about how much I loved her new series and was surprised how easy our conversation was. While these authors are working hard and I’m sure getting bombarded by fans, Serenity took the time to chat with me and let me fangirl about her book. Our main lady literally rips people’s heads off and won’t take no-shit from anyone. Okay, sometimes she might go a little overboard, but it’s what makes this book so good! Our main lady just doesn’t have the social skills that everyone else does because she was brought up by her two protectors until her powers come in. This book has gore, sexy scenes, and so much drama. If you like reading about shifters and fated mates, then this book is for you. There are currently two books of five out with the third one being released in 2020. She also just had the first two book covers redone and they look amazing! So beautiful, I’m glad that she redid them. So many people will skip over a book and not give it the time of day because of the book cover. But these new covers are eye-catching and gorgeous. 
Our main lady is Aurora who is the last of her bloodline. After her ascension she must find her fated mates and take back her thrown from the Strigoi. This book does come with a Trigger Warning.

    Who are the men? Jayce, Sebastian, Dominik…so far, will more be added? (yes, yes there will be)

    Fast Burn: 100% steamy scenes in this book that will, of course, get you hot and bothered yourself. This is a MMFM with  M/M & M/M/M scenes.  

    Sizzle Factor: 5 out of 5

*How can I not rate this 5 out of 5? The detailed scenes throughout the whole book is jaw-dropping

The Help-Callie Rose

5. The Help (Callie Rose)

Callie Roses’ The Help comes in at number 5. Callie Rose is a new author that is pushing out some drama worthy books for the romance community to love! The Help is currently a complete trilogy series that you can find on Kindle Unlimited. This is another academy bully-romance. Our main lady is brought from rags to riches side, in a way. Harlow and her mom move across the country so her mom can become a maid for a rich family. We get 4 hot boys in this book. This first book is very much in the bully our main lady aspect. We don’t have a lot of love in the first one, but it sure works up moving forward to the next two.

Who are the men? Lincoln, River, Dax, and Chase. *It is awesome when authors make our guys not 100% perfect. We find out in book two that one guy has an impairment, wait to find out who and how. 
Slow Burn: The first book has some feelers, but we don’t get the steamy scenes until book two and three, so make sure to keep reading! This is MMFM with Harlow the center of attention.

Sizzle Factor: 2 out of 5

*Only because this first one is a slow burn. Wait until book 2!

The Royal Trials: Seeker-Tate James

4. The Royal Trials: Seeker (Tate James)

Ah Tate James. She is and will always be my number one favorite author of all time. (Kit Davenport!) While I have numerous authors for second place, Tate James will always be the top tier. Anyways, onto The Royal Trials for number 4! Seeker is book tow of a three-part series that was released in 2019 that is now complete and all on Kindle Unlimited. We have magic and rebels and one kick-ass main lady that just wants to watch the kingdom burn. While trying to watch said kingdom burn our main lady gets caught up in the Trails to become the bride of one of the three princes and new queen. The book has the drama, the heavy, steamy scenes, and action in it! Can you wield a sword? I know I can’t, but I pretend to when our main lady!
Our main lady is Rybet Waise on in the slums and Callaluna in the trials. She has a ‘thief’ aspect to her personality that knows how to wield many different talents. While Seeker is number 4 on our top 10, all three books can be lumped in together because of their binge-worthy pages. 

    Who are the men? The three Princes (brothers), Lee, Ty and Zan.

    Medium-Fast Burn: The second book has a lot more than just heavy petting and make out scenes like we saw in the first book. This book hints at MMFM but not everyone is on bored to share. Also, the cliffhanger, so bad of you Tate James! Good think book three is out so you can finish what happens.  

   Sizzle Factor: 3 out of 5 

*This book has so much action there wasn’t much time for sexy, alone times. But the action and adventure still makes me want to give 3 out of 5 stars.

The Secret Girl-CM Stunich

3. The Secret Girl (Adamson All-Boys Academy Book 1) (C.M. Stunich)

Ah The Secret Girl. C.M. Stunich just knows how to write about some angst high school bully-romance and preppy kids that make you want to jump in and kick some ass. This is book one of three, all found on Kindle Unlimited. Book two is currently out with book three being released winter of 2020. So we have the main lady, Charlotte (Chuck), who doesn’t want to be known as a girl in an all-boys-academy school. So you have the rich kids vibe and everything just goes wrong from the beginning for our main lady. Instead of trying to blend in and just get through the year, she pisses off the president of the Student Council and know must become basically their bitch. We got the twins, the overbearing alpha male, the sulking bad boy, and the adorably smoker bad boy (who happens to be my favorite, I have a thing for gingers). This book doesn’t have much “action” in it but it has ALL the drama and mystery because as we read on, we notice the thriller part of the story. Someone is out to take out our main lady and doesn’t want her at this school. 

    Who are the men? Church, Ranger, Spencer, Micah, and Tobias (Twin brothers).

    Medium-Burn: The first book is mostly bullying and getting into character development/story plot with some heavy petting and ‘push me against the wall’ steamy scenes. The cliffhanger is also just, UGH! But luckily the second book is currently out, which will just make you even madder until the middle of the book, good luck readers! This is a MMMFMM where Chuck is the center of attention. We do get some twin action in the second book ;). 

    Sizzle Factor: 3 out of 5 

* It DOES get into some steamy scenes in the next books, but the first is kinda just a teaser with light touching/feelings coming out.    
Peyton's Path-SM Olivier

2. Peyton’s Path: Finding Fate Book 1 (S.M. Oliver)

   S.M. Oliver has written a heartbreaking book that means Peyton’s Path is number 2 on our list! Prepare to ugly cry! This book can be found on Kindle Unlimited along with the second book in the series. Our main lady, Peyton, gets to see what the finer side of life will bring in this high school romance. If you have ever read the Kyler Collection by Siobhan Davis, then you will love this book. Our main lady, mom, and step-dad move back home onto the property of the step-dads brothers house. This book is on kindle unlimited with book two currently out and book three hopefully coming soon in 2020! We have a harem of “brothers”. Two actual brothers and the rest are foster brothers. We even have some teacher-student romance kindling. Gotta love the professor/student romances. The story of these brothers family is heartbreaking all by itself. Our main lady doesn’t take shit from anyone and stands up for herself and those she is starting to fall for. This is a contemporary romance that you will binge read all the way through the second book. There are some dark themes in this book that might trigger the reads and a warning is given in the blurb. 

Who are the men? Crew, Kyler (Brothers), Zane, Golden, Paxton, and Loch (teacher)

    Slow-Medium-Fast Burn: This book starts off a little slow, but ends with some steamy scenes. Book two comes out with more medium-fast burn. This is a MMMFMMM where Peyton is the center of attention.

    Sizzle Factor: 4 out of 5 

*Like many others, this book has some make-out scenes and heavy petting but focuses on character development and story line. 

Filthy Rich BoysCm Stunich

1. Filthy Rich Boys: (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep 1) (CM Stunich)

So CM Stunich wins out at number 1 with Filthy Rich Boys! I couldn’t pick a winner between the four books in this series so I just went with number one. This is an academy-bully-romance and all four can be found on Kindle Unlimited. Just the prologue will make you want to read this book!
“My uniform–and my dignity–are in tatters”. 
Our main lady, Marnye Reed comes from a poor life with some trigger warnings from her past. She gets the opportunity to go to the best school in the country, Burberry Prep, on scholarship. In the first book Marnye just wants to blend in and you really see the meek side of our main lady but get to watch her grow. We get the best friend who also happens to be the twin of one of our bullies. We get to watch love bloom with the guys but then CM just rips your heart out all in one book, thanks for that BTW. But revenge is best served cold right? There will also be a crossover book with Secret Girl and another series past these four books into college, all coming in 2020. 

    Who are the men? Tristan, Creed, Zayd. (More guys are added in books two and three)

    Slow-Medium-Burn: This book starts off as a slow burn and seaways into a medium burn, then shit goes down and you just want to reach in a cuddle our main lady and fight for her at the same time. This is a MMFM where Marnye is the center of attention.

    Sizzle Factor: 3 out of 5 

*We do have a few steamy scenes that make you swoon.

Okay so that was a little long! If you made it this far, thanks for reading! This was a personal best of 2019 and I know I missed a lot of really good books, but I can’t catch them all. (Andy Pokemon fans?) I do have some honorable mentions that I just cant keep out. What were your favorite reverse harems books of 2019? Can you narrow it down to a top 10? It’s harder than you think! 

Honorable Mentions:

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